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Plus-sized clothing retailer ( Avenue closed all 222 of its stores and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in August.
* 99 Grove St, Groton, CT; 60-unit multifamily traded for $4,850,000; a 7.3 percent cap on current NOI; closed June 17;
Partially closed: Blackfell Primary; Castletown Primary; Columbia Grange; Easington Lane Primary; Hetton Lyons Nursery; Hill View Junior; John F Kennedy Primary; Lambton Primary; Marlborough Primary; Mill Hill Primary; Richard Avenue Primary; Rickleton Primary; Ryhope Junior; Seaburn Dene Primary; Shiney Row Primary; South Hylton Primary; Springwell Village Primary; St Cuthbert's RC VA Primary; St Leonard's RC VA Primary; St Robert of Newminster RC; Thorney Close Primary; Wessington Primary.
Lane Apex: Closed; one-day delay for Thursday and Friday customers.
SCHOOLS AFFECTED, ACCORDING TO CARDIFF COUNCIL | Meadowbank School: |closed Riverbank Special School: |closed Ty Gwyn School: closed |and has requested to take inset days All Saints Church in Wales |Primary: No after-school clubs Bishop Childs V.A Church |in Wales Primary School: Open registers at 10am, school will also close early Bryn Celyn Primary School: |Close at 2.30pm Cathays High School: |Starts 10.30am, shuts 3.10pm Ely and Caerau Children's |Centre: Open 8am-4pm.
iv) a semi-preopen set [2] ([beta]-open [1]) if [Asubset or equal to] cl(int(cl(A))) and a semi-preclosed ([beta] closed [1]) if int (cl(int(A))) [subset or equal to] A,
Kirklees College - All sites will be closed to students AMBULANCE SERVICES Ambulance service union Unison has agreed a number of measures to provide emergency cover to protect vulnerable patients during strike day.
DG Khan Cement closed at Rs 31.27, up Re 0.25 with 19.787 million shares.
(ii) A set S [subset] X is [[tau].sub.1,2]- open iff S - [[tau].sub.1][[tau].sub.2]-Int(S) and is [[tau].sub.1,2]- closed iff S = [[tau].sub.1][[tau].sub.2]-Cl(S).
Definition 1: A map f:X[right arrow]Y is called a pre [alpha] g* closed map if f(A) is [alpha] g* closed in Y whenever A is [alpha] g* closed in X.
In Birmingham - Europe's biggest education authority - about half of the city's schools were closed as members of the National Union of Teachers joined unions representing school support staff on a second day of industrial action over salary reforms.
The second closing means and the second impact means are structured and dimensioned such that an adhering bond between them when the diaper is closed is only released by a force that is larger than an adhering bonding force between the first closing means and the first impact means.
If you schedule the closing after business hours, and your bank or any agency has to make adjustments to your paperwork, the office might be closed.
CMP Media has closed two of its technology titles including "C/C++ User's Journal" (San Mateo, CA), a monthly launched in 1987 with a controlled circulation of 40,000, and "IT Architect" (Manhasset, NY), a monthly with a controlled circulation of 125,000 and originally launched in 1986 as "Network Magazine."