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And mother -- mother just took me up in her arms, without one word of rebuke or harshness, kissed me and held me close to her heart. `I was so frightened you were lost, darling,' she said tenderly.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Aug 19 (ANI): West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday alleged of human rights violation in the Kashmir region while asserting that the subject of human rights was very close to her heart.
After launching her modern homeware range for the shopping channel, the actress wanted to share her love of accessories further by designing a piece of jewellery, which is close to her heart.
He said Malacanang also respected Arroyo for being steadfast in 'her position on issues that are close to her heart.'
This one was for a Lamborghini mobile phone, a cause I'm sure is very close to her heart.
It was a cause close to her heart as her mother had the condition.
Elin Jones says growing locally-sourced food is close to her heart
the town, as Guisborough and other Yorkshire market towns are very close to her heart.
A 24-YEAR-OLD daredevil is taking to the skies later this month to raise money for a charity which is very close to her heart.
THE Duchess of Northumberland launched celebrations for a 60th birthday close to her heart.
If being a teenager wasn't already hard enough, Vivian holds another secret close to her heart. She's a shapeshifter, a werewolf.
A TEENAGE fund-raiser lopped off her lovely locks for a cause very close to her heart.
A generous great- grandmother has raised pounds 320 for a children's charity close to her heart.
TARGET: Thugs shot Sweep; SURPRISED: Glengormley Vetinary Surgeon Richard Lyons couldn't believe Sweep had survived after his X-ray showed the bullet close to her heart
TV STAR Carol Vorderman joined with her mum to launch an ovarian cancer awareness campaign and disclosed why it is so close to her heart.