close the book on something

close the book(s) on (someone or something)

To decide that a particular situation has ended; to conclude something; to stop considering something as an option. Mindy was our top candidate for the job, but we had to close the books on her when we learned that she had lied on her resume. I think it's time for me to close the books on this situation because I'm clearly never getting my money back.
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close the book on something

If you close the book on a difficult or unpleasant situation, you bring it to a definite end. The aim is a deal to pay out compensation and close the book on war damages claims. Lawyers say they are happy to close the book on one of the most frustrating chapters of the company's history.
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close the ˈbook on something

stop doing something because you no longer believe you will be successful or will find a solution: The police have closed the book on the case (= they have stopped trying to solve it).
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