close (one's) mind (to) (something)

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close (one's) mind (to) (something)

To become reluctant or resistant toward considering something. I've tried encouraging her, but it seems she's really closed her mind to the idea of running for office. Don't close your mind—there's always hope that a situation can change for the better.
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close (or shut) your mind to (or against)

refuse to consider or acknowledge.
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close your ˈmind (to something)

be unwilling or unable to consider new ideas, proposals, etc: His mind is closed to the possibility of reform. ▶ closed-ˈminded adj. (disapproving):: She was accused of being closed-minded and intolerant of other people’s opinions.
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Testing guided cars, trucks and buses on motorways must not compromise safety - or be an excuse for sacking commercial drivers - but nor should we close our minds to what may be possible in the years and decades ahead.
All I would ask is that we don't close our minds to harbour a single idea but open our minds to all ideas.
We're not going to close our minds to any of the possibilities, but we, like you, feel the need to ask the questions and examine the answers.
``We should allow field trials for research because we should not close our minds to that.
'We don't close our minds to people who don't have hotel and restaurant experience and are not necessarily looking for people who have done the job before.
"We wouldn't close our minds to supporting more fixtures if racing's funding improved and we had more horses in training."
"We will still talk and consult with the workforce and we would not close our minds to other options.