close (one's) mind (to) (something)

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close (one's) mind (to) (something)

To become reluctant or resistant toward considering something. I've tried encouraging her, but it seems she's really closed her mind to the idea of running for office. Don't close your mind—there's always hope that a situation can change for the better.
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close (or shut) your mind to (or against)

refuse to consider or acknowledge.
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close your ˈmind (to something)

be unwilling or unable to consider new ideas, proposals, etc: His mind is closed to the possibility of reform. ▶ closed-ˈminded adj. (disapproving):: She was accused of being closed-minded and intolerant of other people’s opinions.
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It was therefore incumbent on me to keep my opinions to myself and not to close my mind to any planning merits of the lamp until the conclusion of the committee's deliberations.
As public-relations blogger Eric Eggertson puts it, that doesn't necessarily close my mind to alternate points of view.
I try not to close my mind to foods because I like to experiment.
'But I'm not going to close my mind to anything that sounds sensible.'
And she said she felt driven to return for this year's event: "When I stood to attention at the site of Ground Zero on September 11, 2002 and listened to Rudi Giuliani reading the endless list of the names of the victims from the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, I had to close my mind to the enormity of it.