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On the other hand the wall-mounted large roll dispenser is also available for areas where wipers need to be constantly close at hand.
Every doctor who treats otitis media will want to keep this supplement close at hand.
But in the meantime, check out James Carroll's Toward a New Catholic Church; it's close at hand.
The dream of centuries is close at hand," declared President Bush.
But Angelou had her ever-present allies close at hand in San Francisco.
Christine Donnelly of Irish tour operators Falcon Tours, said people delayed here would find help close at hand.
With a convenient all-in-one, three-spindle design including DVD or CD-ROM, hard disk drive and diskette drive, the Satellite 1700 series notebooks keep every feature close at hand.
But given that the development hurdles look like a matter of time rather than interest, the day of real-time sharing of full financial statements may be close at hand.
It's a book to keep reassuringly close at hand for a dose of inspiration and clarity whenever needed.
And though Hart doesn't say this, if they follow the Swiss (and Israeli) approach, they will surely keep weapons and other equipment close at hand in their homes, making most "gun control" strategies toothless.
The floor should be made of or covered with fire-resistant material, and a fire extinguisher of the proper type should be kept close at hand.
Those of us teetering closer to the ground will need to keep a Derrida/English dictionary close at hand.
Rivers are, after all, gentler than the open sea, and banks are always close at hand in case of accident.
The ultimate answer to these problems, a complete bulk system that eliminates the need for semi-bulk containers or drums, is close at hand, forced in part by strict container handling regulations.
Cultivate reporters close at hand, then use those same techniques as you venture farther afield.