close around

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close (in) around (someone or something)

To physically surround or encircle someone or something, often very closely and encroachingly. As the opposing troops closed in around us, I knew we would never win the battle. I need to get out of this little cabin—I feel like the walls are closing around me.
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close (in) around someone or something

to move to surround someone or something. The police closed in around the thieves. We closed in around the enemy camp.
See also: around, close
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Which disability rights charity is being forced to close around 50 of its shops?
The shop off Stamfordham Road, Newcastle, is one of 22 B&Q stores to close around the country in a shake-up announced last week by parent company Kingfisher.
About a report that the Hiroshima Stock Exchange will close around next spring due to a steep contraction in trading volume, Miyazawa said no final decision had been made.
When the mold-table halves close around the sides of the parison, they support it momentarily while the belt conveyor retracts to a stand-by position.
Ashleigh Neill said she had to flee her home at Wolff Close around 1am with a girl, aged one and a half, and two boys aged four and seven.
The transaction is expected to close around 11 April or earlier and raise net proceeds of USD3.
Industry observers believe that the bank may close around 100 branches between now and the end of 2010.
GRANAGHAN Sally Got a picture of you we carry in our hearts, close our eyes to see it when the world gets dark, got a memory of you we carry in our soul, we wrap it close around us when the nights get cold, if you ask us how we're doing we'd say just fine, but the truth is, if you could read our minds, not a day goes by, that we don't think of you, after all this time, you're still with us it's true, somehow you remain, locked so deep inside, not a day goes by Mum.
A Cheshire Police esman said they had been disturbed by banging on the door of their home in Marlowe Close around 3.
To use it, you must have a Wi-Fi card installed in your PC or personal digital assistant (PDA) and be fairly close around 15 metres to an access point or 'hotspot'.
The offering is expected to close around 2 February.