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The A1027 from Seal Sands to Portrack was also clogged up, and the road over Newport Bridge into Middlesbrough took at least 20 minutes to pass.
We are equally wise that power lines would be more reliable if overhanging branches were cut back that water supplies would improve if leaks were fixed, if the reservoir pumps worked, and if dams were not clogged up by people farming on river banks.What we see so clearly and moan so loudly about is nothing more nor less than lack of care and preventive maintenance.
While inside they clogged up a classroom sink and turned on the taps.
Tools such as Azure Import/Export will allow users to hold back ups at the nearest Azure data center, for when an enterprise network becomes clogged up. Azure Data Recovery Site is a disaster recovery site that can shield VMware virtual machines and physical servers.
CLEANING A FILE This tool can become clogged up with small fragments and dust from the surface you are filing and will gradually become less effective.
It is not acceptable to have a residential road, acting as a main artery of our city region, clogged up in this way.