clog with

clog (something) with (something)

To obstruct something with something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "clog" and "up." This cold has clogged my nose with so much mucus that I can hardly breathe. One of the kids clogged the pipes with action figures.
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clog something with something

to block or obstruct a channel or conduit with something. The neighbors clogged the creek with their brush and leaves. Please don't clog the drain with garbage.
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If I had equipped the clog with an e-collar during the hunt I surely would have zapped the clog when he began trailing the running bird and I would have missed out on using the breed's instinctive talent in its most productive way.
Fish out the hair clog with a bent wire or other tool.
1) Clogs, starting from pounds 580, Chanel, 2) Clog shape wooden heel, pounds 38,, 0208 920 6626 3) Studded side clog, pounds 32, Jane Norman,, 0207 659 1225 / 0207 659 9396 4) Red or Dead lolly clogs, pounds 74.99, Schuh,, 0845 307 2484 5) Suede clogs, pounds 45, Next,, 0116 284 9220 / 0845 4567818 6) Brown studded clog with buckles, pounds 39.50, Marks & Spencer, 7) White clog, pounds 49.50, Marks & Spencer, www.marksandspencer.
If your drain setup looks something like the one shown here and the water is backing up on the side without the waste tee, you may be able to remove the clog with a bent coat hanger (opening photo).
Or you might hook the clog with the end of the snake and pull it out.
A valve then opens at the clog end of the bladder, filling the pipe between the bladder and the clog with water.