clock at

clock (someone or something) at (a certain speed)

To track the speed at which someone or something moves. (The speed is stated after "at.") You're getting a ticket because I clocked you at 90 miles an hour—and the speed limit here is only 55.
See also: certain, clock

clock someone or something at something

to measure the speed of someone or something to be a certain figure. I clocked the runner at a record speed for the race. Karen clocked the race at three minutes flat.
See also: clock
References in classic literature ?
But this clock's so much before the clock at the Chase, there's no telling what time it'll be when I get here.
A key element within the Serializer is the Clock Multiplier Unit (CMU), which takes a reference clock at 106.
A high speed Clock and Data Recovery unit (CDR) uses sophisticated Phase Lock Loop (PLL) techniques to monitor the edges of the incoming serial data and extract a recovered clock at the bit rate.
Gibbon and other scientists presented the new findings on the interval clock at a session of the American Association for the Advancement of Science's annual meeting in Baltimore this week.
Durst remounts debt clock at 43rd and Ave of Americas