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And as he soberly and thoughtfully puffed at his old pipe, and as the Dutch clock ticked, and as the red fire gleamed, and as the Cricket chirped; that Genius of his Hearth and Home (for such the Cricket was) came out, in fairy shape, into the room, and summoned many forms of Home about him.
Nor was he startled without reason; for these rattling, bony skeletons of clocks are very disconcerting in their operation, and I wonder very much how any set of men, but most of all how Dutchmen, can have had a liking to invent them.
The young man glanced at the clock again and frowned darkly.
That," concluded the young man bitterly, "is why I have been watching that clock.
Sonorous and startling came the stroke of 9 from the clock tower.
And then, from habit, he glanced at the clock in the tower, and made further oration.
I'll give her the ten minutes and then I'm off," he muttered, and then aloud to the Prince: "I'll join you in confounding all clocks, my friend, and throw in women, too.
Women are the natural enemies of clocks, and, therefore, the allies of those who would seek liberation from these monsters that measure our follies and limit our pleasures.
But I wouldn't have trusted him if he could have got the clock to go twice round without firing off the pistol.
Then he turned away himself, like one who walked in his sleep; and, without any sense of fear or sorrow, lay down on his pallet, listening for the clock to strike again.
Verily, in those have I mine amusement: wherever I find such clocks I shall wind them up with my mockery, and they shall even whirr thereby!
By 1722, he had produced a remarkably low-friction tower clock for an English manor house: The clock has now run continuously for more than 250 years.
6) Although nineteenth century Americans were attempting to build a modern, orderly society based in part on the clock, Civil War hospitals retarded such progress as clock time failed to impose order.
However, this strategy forces lower clock speeds and thus is not conducive to bus speed increases.
You are able to acquire an ebonised Victorian bracket clock for around pounds 1000 but an 18th century bracket clock by one of the great makers such as Thomas Tompion will cost you in excess of pounds 150,000.