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cloak (someone or something) in secrecy

To hide someone or something from another person or from public view. The residents complained that the board cloaked its decision process in secrecy, not allowing anyone to see the final plan.
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Using or involving secrecy, deception, or espionage, especially the kind portrayed in dramatic depictions of spying. During the Cold War, there were always rumors of the latest cloak-and-dagger tactics being used by spies. I know I said I wanted to meet you in private, but you didn't have to be so cloak-and-dagger about it. A parking garage isn't what I had in mind.
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cloak someone or something in secrecy

Fig. to hide or conceal someone or something in secrecy. Patrick cloaked his activities in secrecy. The agents cloaked the spy in secrecy, making her identity a mystery.
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involving secrecy and plotting. A great deal of cloak-and-dagger stuff goes on in political circles. A lot of cloak-and-dagger activity was involved in the appointment of the director.
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COMMON You use cloak-and-dagger to describe activities, especially dangerous ones, which are done in secret. Now that the Berlin Wall has come down, the cloak-and-dagger world of East-West espionage might appear to be outdated. They met in classic cloak-and-dagger style beside the lake in St James's Park. Note: You can refer to such activities as cloaks and daggers. Working in police intelligence has very little to do with cloaks and daggers — it's mostly about boring reports and endless statistics. Note: You sometimes use this expression to suggest that people are treating these activities in an unnecessarily dramatic way. Note: This expression is taken from the name of a type of 17th century Spanish drama, in which characters typically wore cloaks and fought with daggers or swords.
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Describing a secret or undercover operation. The term dates from seventeenth-century Spain, and the popular swashbuckling plays of Lope de Vega and Pedro Calderón de la Barca, filled with duels, intrigue, and betrayal. They were referred to as comedias de capa y espada, which was variously translated as “cloak-and-sword” or “cloak-and-dagger plays.” Somewhat later, in the nineteenth century, the term began to be applied to various kinds of romantic intrigue, and still later, to espionage. The idea of concealment was, of course, much older, and indeed, Chaucer wrote of “The smyler with the knyf under the cloke” (The Knight’s Tale).
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If an object has to be completely invisible to the human eye, that is, perfect cloaked, the cloaking structure must not only allow the light to pass through it undisturbed but also ensure that it reflects back to the human eye coherently from what object is present beyond this setup.
Caption: FIGURE 4: Gaussian beam at 655 Hz impinging on a bumped wall (a), on a flat wall (b), and on a cloaked bump (c), field visualization of real part of acoustic potential Re([phi]).
All the users specify their privacy requirements in a privacy profile in a form of K, [A.sub.min], where K indicates the required anonymity level and [A.sub.min] indicates the required minimum area of their cloaked areas.
Three-anonymity cloaked region is generated like the black rectangle at t1.
The simulated reflection coefficient for a transmission-line cloak as a function of the diameter of the cloaked object is shown in Figure 2.
in [16], it is seen that the cloaked medium is free space.
These cloaked antibodies can be used alone, or in conjunction with the many antibodies already produced against a wide variety of cancers.
The images at right from two simulations performed at Purdue University show how objects might be "cloaked" to render them invisible.
When a new student joined our first-grade, he or she was cloaked that same day.
Post-Modernism opened the door to a richer emotional content, especially the retrieval of memory, but then cloaked it beneath the dubious authority of historical style.
However there is always an essential problem in an OIC: the detecting wave doesn't touch the hidden object (it is simply guided around it), which leads to the fact that the cloaked object cannot communicate with the outside world in the same frequency band.
In a proactive move to stay ahead of this challenge, My-HD began shipping its HD set-top boxes (STBs) this month integrated with Irdeto Cloaked CA, a cardless conditional access (CA) solution, which provides dynamic content protection without the cost and complexity of managing physical smart cards.
The Howells reported June 10 at that they cloaked chairs, toy helicopters and people, though the cloaks worked only when viewed from one direction.
This would be achieved by creating "corrugations" or wavy ripples that are tuned to a specific wavelength on the ocean floor in front of the floating object to be cloaked.
It makes the incident wave detor around the cloaked region without disturbance, thus an arbitrary object might be hidden inside.