clip on(to) (someone or something)

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clip on

1. An earring that clips onto the earlobe, as opposed to being inserted through a piercing. Jen never got her ears pierced, so we're going to need to find her some nice clip ons for her wedding day.
2. A necktie that clips onto the collar, as opposed to being tied. When I was a kid, I used to wear a clip on before I knew how to tie a tie.
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clip on(to) (someone or something)

To attach something to someone or something else by using a clip. A noun or pronoun can be used between "clip" and "on." Clip on your ID badge before you leave so that you can get back into the building. I clipped the doctor's note onto the rest of my paperwork.
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clip something on(to) someone or something

 and clip something on
to attach something to someone or something with a clip. I clipped a little name tag onto him before I put him on the plane. I clipped on a name tag.
See also: clip, on
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Simply affix it to your gun (a wide cross-section of fits are available) and you have a sort of "built-on" clip (like a knife with a pocket clip) you can then clip onto a waistband, boot-top, pocket or some other place you can dream up.
On Monday, developer Team Ninja uploaded a new DLC announcement clip onto the franchise's "Dead or Alive" YouTube channel.
The headlamp is attached by sliding the cap clip onto the bill of the hat.
Some of my friends prefer bags that clip onto the waistband of their pants, or are clipped onto a belt loop on their pants with a carabiner.
Wearsafe recently started shipping its first product offering, the Wearsafe Tag, which is a small wearable device that can clip onto almost anything.
Both PP models easily fit into a surgical scrubs pocket or clip onto a surgical belt, are rechargeable, and have battery lives on a single charge which range from two hours to 24 hours depending on the battery pack, the LED headlight model, and the light intensity setting used.
Clip the wooden peg or bulldog clip onto the laser pointer to keep the button pressed down.
Fans are going cray cray over the video, posting their affinity for the clip onto Facebook.
The Tritan bottle, selling for a suggested $9.99, features a locking flip-up lid and attached carrying loop to make it easy to clip onto a bag or backpack.
The prescription lenses are said to simply clip onto Glass instead of having to take apart the headpiece.
Staves slide into the barrel through a small hatch on the head and clip onto the racks.
Video creator Debbie Moore loaded the clip onto self-broadcast site YouTube last week and it has been viewed more than 2,440 times.
A system to prevent falls from height - a line system whereby workers wearing a harness could clip onto the line - was being considered and an order was about to be placed at the time of the incident.
The lace-trimmed panels simply clip onto your bra straps to cover up your cleavage.