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in the clink

slang In prison or jail. "Clink" was the name of a famous prison in London. He spent 10 years in the clink for money laundering. You're going to end up in the clink if you don't get out of that gang soon.
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the clink

slang Jail or prison. "Clink" was the name of a famous prison in London. Why do you insist on breaking the law when you know getting caught means they'll throw you in the clink?
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n. jail. We’ll throw you in the clink if you don’t talk.
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Speaking the media men, DC Shikarpur said HIV is horrific disease in this regard Shikarpur district administration has strictly taken the notice of HIV disease and has taken steps and sealed a good number of clinks of clinics of quacks, laboratories, maternity homes and medical stories to cope with it and appealed the people of Shikarpur to inform regarding clinics of quacks so that administration could take action against their clinics.
The four Clinks at jails across the country have been praised by critics, including The Times's Giles Coren, and Michelin chefs.
Members of the public are welcome to attend the event from 6.30pm to hear guest speaker Patrice Lawrence, development officer for families with Clinks, who will talk about the Care Act.
Kids join in on the singing in various tracks that encompass a musical smorgasbord ranging from guitars, ukelele, trombone and piano to percussive clinks, clanks, and violin thunks.
For as the gentle current shuttled the bowls across the center of the pool and back around either side, the gallery was filled with noise--a music of crashes, clinks, soft rings, and percussive clangs amplified by subaquatic microphones.
One reason for not moving the jail from its current location is the loss of the Clink restaurant.