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in the clink

slang In prison or jail. "Clink" was the name of a famous prison in London. He spent 10 years in the clink for money laundering. You're going to end up in the clink if you don't get out of that gang soon.
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the clink

slang Jail or prison. "Clink" was the name of a famous prison in London. Why do you insist on breaking the law when you know getting caught means they'll throw you in the clink?
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n. jail. We’ll throw you in the clink if you don’t talk.
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"Like passengers on a cruise ship, the daily lunch crowd in Rich's Magnolia Room--with much clinking of silver against china, and chiming of ice cubes in brimming glasses, and chitchat between ladies tilted toward one another across little tables in the acute angles of intimacy--attended to their own wants....
But when you find teens on buses with clinking rucksacks, you have to ask how was it planted on the back of that girl?
For the public who gathered in the gallery to watch the proceedings of Wyre Forest District Council, the clinking of china was proving too much of an earful.
Alongside bursts of robotlike movements and coupled-up serenity, Le Savon features a crisp sound track by Franck Gervais -- the clinking and clanging of boat masts in the breeze of a seaside port, the dripping of water into an empty tin bucket, the sounds of crows cawing in the wind.
The intermittent chatter of tapping keys and now, in addition, the occasional chatter of clinking glasses continued.
Here was one guy too busy with what was going on in the streets to be clinking cocktails after work with the rest of the embassy crowd.
And less then 24 hours later, Bell was clinking glasses with another prime minister as Tony Blair threw a cocktail reception at No.10 Downing Street.
What the Daring Project collaborators have exploited is the notion of "ballet as club act," splitting each program into classical chestnuts, followed by titillating routines appropriate to a smoke-filled room where the clinking of glasses provides accompaniment.
QWHAT is the origin of the tradition of clinking glasses when we drink to someone's health?
Over the years I've wrestled with the clinking, clanking title of Black Choreographers Moving Toward the 21st Century, the name of the seven-year-old festival that runs at Theater Artaud almost every winter.
Q:WHAT'S the origin of the tradition of clinking glasses when we drink to someone's health?