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in the clink

slang In prison or jail. "Clink" was the name of a famous prison in London. He spent 10 years in the clink for money laundering. You're going to end up in the clink if you don't get out of that gang soon.
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the clink

slang Jail or prison. "Clink" was the name of a famous prison in London. Why do you insist on breaking the law when you know getting caught means they'll throw you in the clink?
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n. jail. We’ll throw you in the clink if you don’t talk.
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The team behind Clink, which debuts on 5Star this month
Clink concludes: "Such spirit of volunteerism started, nurtured, and practiced at home can move us along the sure-fire pathway towards improving ourselves as a nation.
The Clink Cafe is the charity's first site off jail grounds, where graduates can continue their training towards nationallyrecognised City and Guilds NVQ level 2 qualifications.
The four Clinks at jails across the country have been praised by critics, including The Times's Giles Coren, and Michelin chefs.
The cook, who has sons aged 22 and 20 and a 13-year-old daughter, wants a strong emphasis on rehabilitation in jails and believes without The Clink he would still be stuck in his old lifestyle.
Available to download for free on iTunes, Clink! is an interactive app designed to help young adults determine which issue areas are most important to them when it comes to making a charitable contribution and volunteering their time.
Donovan Zavaleta (Santa Barbara), 3, (4), 10; Nick Clink (Los Angeles) d.
The Clink Cymru, at Cardiff Prison, is the brainchild of award-winning chef Alberto Crisci, who has worked at Marco Pierre White's Mirabelle Restaurant in Mayfair, London.
London, United Kingdom, June 06, 2012 --( Wine-Stars is the brainchild of Catherine Monahan, Clink Wines, and Robert Joseph, well-known wine critic in the UK.
She was also the writer of the 2009 Long Shot Film Festival entry Clink Clink.
Franc Clink, the role of the Association in deepening the relations between Syria and Germany on different levels.
the throat, the clip clip clip of nails being trimmed, the clink of the
In the fortnight before getting stuck in the clink, we were inundated with photos of her in conservative clothes, praying and holding her Bible while wearing her very best solemn gaze.