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Often I work backwards from what's available, that is, the only climbable tree here and the deer there.
The sliding glass doors on the balcony should be locked at all times, and parents should remove all climbable objects (i.e.
The champ is now far more valuable for its protective shade, climbable branches, and inspiring size and beauty.
Alpine lakes are dotted about and peaks of various hues and shapes (including climbable 12,264-foot Matterhorn) complete our adventureland.
W ITH one eye on climbable trees to my right I followed our guide along the shore of Lake Kazuni in Northern Malawi.
Difficult describes a way lived life feels (full of pain, littered with climbable and unclimbable obstacles), which corresponds to a kind of poetry (full of disjunctions and ellipses, littered with climbable and unclimbable obstacles).
Initiating a technical tree climbing program at your camp is relatively easy, providing you have climbable trees, knowledgeable staff, and a reverence for trees.
For security, both areas should be equipped with "wander guards" which are not "climbable." Both areas should also offer protection from the sun through table umbrellas and/or awnings.
Eliminate branches that are, or may be, on their way to interfering with overhead power lines; weak branches that overhang play areas, houses, or anyplace frequented by people; and low branches that make the tree climbable, attracting kids.
Bears pop up everywhere: on a mural comparing visitors' heights with those of local wildlife, in a climbable wooden sculpture, in an icy blue fiberglass den children can explore, and in a food-chain hierarchy of stuffed animals-herring, king salmon, seal, and polar bear-that can be fitted inside one another, all eventually to be contained in the bear's zippered stomach.
In addition to lasers, catnip toys, crinkly balls, and climbable cat trees are perennial feline favourites.
The castles come with slides, monkey rings, climbable surfaces and other equipment.
A surprisingly kinetic series of slabby steps, festooned with books and shaded by a very climbable tree with branches that curl convincingly to the floor in sympathy with the action.
More than 35,000 s/f of communal space includes a playroom with a life-size, climbable dinosaur, indoor dog run, arcade lounge with a bar and full kitchen .