climb up the ladder

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climb (up) the ladder

To become increasingly powerful or successful. You need to climb the ladder a bit before you start taking on your own clients. I'm an artist at heart, so I have no interest in climbing up the corporate ladder.
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climb up the ladder


climb the ladder

If you climb up the ladder or climb the ladder, you become more and more successful or important. There's no need for the sort of competitive behaviour you get at companies where people are trying to climb up the ladder. He became the first man to climb the social ladder from a log cabin to the White House. Note: You can also say that someone moves up the ladder. If you think you can do more than you are doing in your present position, you owe it to yourself to make the effort to move up the ladder.
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References in classic literature ?
"Fair sir, of your kindness will ye climb the ladder there, and bring me news of what ye find?
One book of general science is for Rs750 and the math book price is Rs500- this is not the amount that middle-class parents who aspire that their children climb the ladder through education can afford.
A boy from the technical-vocational section saw me and offered to climb the ladder and remove all the decorations himself.
But every time a monkey went to climb the ladder to reach the fruit, the scientists sprayed the monkeys at the bottom with cold water.
The 19th century book's adaptation will star Olivia Cooke as William Makepeace Thackeray's heroine Becky Sharp, who attempts to claw her way out of poverty and climb the ladder of English society.
Plenty of Money in the Bank matches have ended because of outside interference, as Carmella pointed out in her promo to start Tuesday's episode of "SmackDown Live." Kane prevented Dean Ambrose from winning the match in 2014, allowing Seth Rollins to climb the ladder and win his shot at the WWE Championship.
We've managed to find one and the fire brigade have been fantastic about it; they were arguing over who was going to climb the ladder and deliver it to her."
When Ray, a senior employee, approaches him with a proposition, nothing illegal, but something that bends the rules, he can see that he'd be stupid not to take the opportunity to climb the ladder.
Steve Clarke hopes success in his first managerial post at West Brom can help him climb the ladder and become a title-winning boss.
The All Blacks centre, who plays in today's Crusaders' Super 15 match against the Sharks at Twickenham in aid of the Christchurch earthquake fund, has had three professional boxing bouts and after rugby reckons he can climb the ladder in the ring.
Whenever the two new monkeys tried to climb the ladder, they got beaten up by the other eight monkeys including the first two newcomers.
Maybe it would reach to Heaven, only there's an easier way of getting there than climbing that ladder; bound to be.' Davey ought to know; although he had never been anywhere near Heaven, it was he who had to climb the ladder when a gale blew the slates off the Chapel roof.
In earlier step-ladder matches leading up to the final clash, Yousef Falah beat Sami Noor 211-203 to climb the ladder and meet Ahmed Abduljabbar.
You can climb the ladder from either side, although for this task, use the long side to avoid looking down the stairs as you climb.
Be aware of the people you step on as you climb the ladder of success.