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bring (something) to a climax

To cause something to reach a point of great or decisive intensity. Aunt Jean and Aunt Judy had been bickering for months, and sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner together really brought things to a climax—unfortunately for the rest of us.
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come to a climax

To reach a point of great or decisive intensity. Aunt Jean and Aunt Judy had been bickering for months, and things really came to a climax when we all sat down to Thanksgiving dinner—unfortunately for the rest of us.
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come to a close

To reach an end point. If there are no other issues to discuss, then this meeting can come to a close. The play's lengthy run on Broadway comes to a close tonight.
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bring something to a close

 and bring something to an end; bring something to a climax
to end something; to cause something to reach its final point and stop. I think it is time to bring this matter to a close. The incident has been brought to a climax.
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come to a close

 and come to an end; come to a climax
to end; to progress to an ending. The celebration came to an end about midnight.
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The two climaxes, one dialect-dominated and one exclusively "standard," also echo the call-and-response dynamic.
Harper's two climaxes could be read as parallel experiences and, in a sense, parallel prophecies.
"All the test patients said their climaxes were better too."
If a man pays close attention he will probably feel the rhythmic contractions of the vagina that occur when a woman climaxes.
MY boyfriend climaxes so quickly that I can't enjoy sex.
And this revolutionary theory is backed up by another survey which reveals that good-looking, symmetrical (physically perfect) men are more likely to give women more climaxes - and more likely to pass on their good genes.