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come to a close

To reach an end point. If there are no other issues to discuss, then this meeting can come to a close. The play's lengthy run on Broadway comes to a close tonight.
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bring something to a close

 and bring something to an end; bring something to a climax
to end something; to cause something to reach its final point and stop. I think it is time to bring this matter to a close. The incident has been brought to a climax.
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come to a close

 and come to an end; come to a climax
to end; to progress to an ending. The celebration came to an end about midnight.
See also: close, come
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These criticisms aside, Crawley's Climax at Gallipoli is an impressive, analytical study of the August offensive.
Climax Media is a Toronto-based, full-service digital agency - producing customized web and mobile solutions that breathe new life into established brands and deliver results.
I've spoken to a lot of people, male and female, who enjoy sex with their partners but can only climax when they're by themselves.
Climax has nothing to do with us - we try and kick them off.
com/variety-pack-system/) We will always be available to help provide proven and affordable solutions, said Bill George (President of Climax Packaging Machinery).
The Climax Bore Welder Interface Kit simplifies the boring and welding setup process: Because the BW1000 AutoBoreWelder uses the same mounting fixtures as the Climax BB3000, BB4500 or BB5000 Boring Systems, you can weld up one section of your job and bore out another section at the same time.
It is also very likely that when your girlfriend used a vibrator she would have fantasised to help her climax.
Muscat: Stage is set for yet another presitigous climax of the season and incidentally, Suwaiq Club who won the Omantel League crown, is searching for it's second pennant in the form of His Majesty's Cup.
After winning the toss, ABM Climax opted to send Public Security into bat first and watched on as Ashraf Mughal (20) and Yar Mohammed (27) notched up 37 runs for the first three overs.
Summary: JLS, Usher and Alicia Keys are rumoured to have been lined up to perform on Britain's Got Talent as the contest reaches its climax.
IT'S the ultimate goal of great sex and the pinnacle of enjoyment - but an estimated one in 10 women never achieve orgasm and many more find climax difficult.
DID YOU hear about the fight over Veer's climax between producer Vijay Gilani and Salman Khan?
A detailed spectrographic analysis was made of 469 great-calls, which revealed that six of the 45 variables measured could accurately differentiate between agile and Muller gibbons: (1) Number of great-call notes, (2) Great-call rate of emission, (3) Number of climax notes, (4) Climax rate of emission, (5) Mid-climax note duration, and (6) Inter-climax note interval.
RE: Coventry Climax (now Kalmar) My name is Rob Crutchlow known as Bob at Coventry Climax.
Hundreds of thousands of Muslim pilgrims have taken part in a symbolic mass stoning as the annual Hajj reached its climax.