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fire on all cylinders

To function or operate at the most desirable or greatest possible level of efficiency, speed, or productivity. (Usually used in the continuous tense.) The new website will be firing on all cylinders once we get the comments section up and running! I only fire on all cylinders after I've had my coffee.
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Online articles (especially on social media sites) that use provocative or intriguing headlines (often in combination with images) to drive traffic to the source. I wouldn't put too much faith in that article about "the one food no one should ever eat"—it's probably just clickbait.

click with (one)

1. To have a positive connection or friendly rapport with one, often quickly. I just don't click with those people—I doubt we have anything in common. I clicked with Ashley immediately, and we've been best friends ever since.
2. To quickly resonate with one or a group. If our invention clicks with consumers, then we'll be millionaires!
3. To make sense to one; to be able to be understood by one. The tutor's explanation of sine and cosine really clicked with me—I think I finally understand it now.
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click with someone

1. [for something] to be understood or comprehended by someone suddenly. His explanation clicked with Maggie at once.
2. [for someone or something new] to catch on with someone; to become popular or friendly with someone very quickly. The new product clicked with consumers and was an instant success. I clicked with Tom the moment I met him.
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fire on all cylinders

Also, hit or click on all cylinders . Function very well, as in Once we figured out how to use the new software, the department was firing on all cylinders , or "So the best infielder takes time to fit into the infield of a Big League club and have it hit on all four cylinders again" (Christy Mathewson, Pitching in a Pinch, 1912). This term transfers the functioning of an internal combustion engine, which works best when all its cylinders ignite, to broader use. [Early 1900s]
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click into place

become suddenly clear and understandable.
Click into place is used literally of an object, especially part of a mechanism, to mean ‘fall smoothly into its allotted position’.
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click (with someone)

in. to catch on with someone; to intrigue someone; to become popular with someone. Sam and Mary are getting along fine. I knew they’d click.
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There you can select criteria for table/query records by clicking on your choice in the Column to filter box and then select an option under Only include rows where.
While the white paper lists many permutations of assist clicks, the most valuable assist comes from a searcher beginning a search on a non-branded, or generic, terms (such as "DVD player"), and clicking a paid listing, which then subsequently results in a conversion from a natural listing through a search on a brand term (such as "Joe's Electronics Store").
Here are the steps: Highlight the entire worksheet whose formatting you want to copy by clicking on the white cell to the left of column A and above row 1 (see screenshot) and then on the Format Painter.
You can scroll through the selections by clicking on << or >>.
You now can preview each custom letter by using the back (<<) and forward (>>) arrows or by clicking on Find a recipient.
Right-click on it and then close the Registry Editor by clicking on the big X in the upper right-hand corner.
Remove the extra space if one exists), the most sophisticated click fraud techniques rely on IP masking using a web robot clicking on sponsored ads through proxy servers, mimicking human behavior.
Notice, too, you have the option to reset your saved usage data by clicking on Reset menu and toolbar usage data.
For all other children "The Clickless Web" will allow them to avoid the physical demands of clicking while on the Internet that, over their life times, may require them to perform hundreds of thousands or even millions of mouse clicks.
With it in place, novice users never even see the innards of Access: All the critical database functions are displayed on a simple opening screen and each is executed by clicking on appropriate buttons.
com approach represents an important step in accelerating the adoption of EBPP; learn more about it by clicking on http://www.
Users have the choice of working from the Living Room, the Software Room or the Information Room simply by clicking into the area of preference.
Place your cursor on a page that will eventually contain resource material that starts with the letter A and create a bookmark by clicking on Insert and then on Bookmark.
Since you placed your cursor inside the data set before you evoked the wizard, clicking on Next automatically selects all the contiguous cells in the Range box (exhibit 3, below).