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be a slam-clicker

slang To reach a destination and then spend most of one's time in one's hotel room (after slamming the door and clicking the lock). Typically used of people who travel often for work. A: "Sure, I'll get dinner with you, but shouldn't we invite the other flight attendants?" B: "Sheila's a slam-clicker, so we won't see her until we all leave for our next flight. But the others might come." It's hard, but I do try to build a little sight-seeing into my work trips. I don't want to be a slam-clicker all the time.

pass the clicker

To hand the remote control, as for a TV, over to someone else. A noun or pronoun can be used between "pass" and "the" to specify the recipient. Pass me the clicker, will you? I think the game is on. A: "Ugh, I can't listen to this talking head anymore." B: "Here, I'll pass the clicker. You can choose something else to watch."
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