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Robinson used to fly 737s for Aloha Airlines and everything clicked into place.
It worked like a charm - everything clicked into place.
I now feel the time is right to give it a go - everything has just clicked into place to do it this year.
Everything just clicked into place and I knew this was the career I wanted to go into.
However, I changed my schedule at the last minute and it all clicked into place.
Using the spring-loaded terminals allows the user to take advantage of 'click and go' technology, meaning each individual component of a motor starter can be simply clicked into place without the need for tools.
Things have clicked into place since the World Cup.
And McGhee (right) said: "When we beat Rangers a few weeks ago some people thought it had all clicked into place and suddenly everything was right at the club.
Vaughan said: "I only got the all-clear from the BHA on Monday and it has all clicked into place very quickly.
We have really clicked into place lately and are playing some excellent cricket in all departments which is why the results have changed for us completely.
As the cover clicked into place and disengaged the safety mechanism, the washer transitioned perfectly to the spin cycle.
At times it has been frustrating watching Ireland's glittering backline fail to produce the fireworks their talent demands but everything clicked into place against South Africa.
But it all clicked into place when Lithuanian striker Andrius Velicka scored his first goal for the club in only his second SPL start.
Storm said: "Things clicked into place this weekend.