click with someone

click with (one)

1. To have a positive connection or friendly rapport with one, often quickly. I just don't click with those people—I doubt we have anything in common. I clicked with Ashley immediately, and we've been best friends ever since.
2. To quickly resonate with one or a group. If our invention clicks with consumers, then we'll be millionaires!
3. To make sense to one; to be able to be understood by one. The tutor's explanation of sine and cosine really clicked with me—I think I finally understand it now.
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click (with someone)

in. to catch on with someone; to intrigue someone; to become popular with someone. Sam and Mary are getting along fine. I knew they’d click.
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If you're new to the UAE, meeting people is a lot of fun, however sometimes you click with someone and realize "omg they live in Sharjah or Ajman".
But if you're in an awkward conversation or you simply don't click with someone, it's natural to think of an "early departure." Keep in mind, if they don't click with you, you probably don't click with them.
Keep believing in yourself and you'll find that pretty soon you'll really click with someone who understands how great you are.
Every so often you click with someone and they become a lifelong friend.
This could see you really click with someone new, or could see you sitting at opposite ends of the settee with an old adversary.
And now that Saturn is stronger, it's possible that you're going to click with someone special.
Understanding these different processes, they say, will make it easier to connect with people, and explains why sometimes the reasons we click with someone are more obvious - and less serendipitous - than you might think.
Luckily for you, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury are adding that extra something to your day, helping you to click with someone special.
Not in the way I want to click with someone. To feel that they are literally my other half.
If you click with someone and are prepared to ignore all the doom-mongers you could make a go of it.
Your ruler, raw-power Mars, is set to make sweet music with love planet Venus - and you could now click with someone. The Moon angles up well to jolly Jupiter and this can trigger good things, but a change beckons in your work-life balance.
"I need to really click with someone before I can even think about having a relationship with them.
You may have the smallest part in a production, but something might just click with someone, or you get introduced to someone, and it leads on to something else."