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cleave to (one)

To have sexual intercourse with one's spouse only, and no one else. I would never cheat on my husband—after all, I vowed to cleave to him until my dying day.
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cleave to someone

to be sexually faithful, usually to one's husband. (Biblical. As in the traditional marriage ceremony, "And cleave only unto him.") She promised to cleave only to him for the rest of her life.
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Mr Cleaves said the college would be central to a wealth of vocations outside the rail sector.
The FC-6RM-C and FC-6RS significantly reduce the need for maintenance and service by extending the maximum life of the cleaver blade to 144,000 cleaves after making factory height adjustments with initial capacity of 48,000 consecutive cleaves requiring no adjustments.
Mr Cleaves joined National Express from Tube Lines, a privatised part of the London Underground, where he worked for 12 years to create a management company for the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines.
Right: Slaid Cleave, a New Englander who apprenticed in Ireland before moving to Texas, will round up a host of American influences when he plays at Cafe Paradiso on Tuesday.
To verify this hypothesis, we performed a platelet treatment with the cobra venom metalloprotease mocarhagin, which cleaves GpIba.
According to recent studies, the greenhouse gas reductions from operating biopower plants are significant," said Cleaves.
Mr Cleaves added: "Transport is one of the key challenges facing the LEP and I am looking forward to being able to play my part.
Gardner's confident he can be the point guard who captures the nation's attention during March Madness, much like Cleaves and Dixon.
Mr Cleaves will join the firm's headquarters above the new pounds 15 million coach station in Digbeth, which opened its doors last year.
We have done a good job of just winning games,'' Cleaves said.
In the new study, published in the June 23 issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, Miller and Cleaves focused on a class of UV-screening polymers called tholins, which resemble kerogen, a gunky material in oil shale that yields petroleum.
A catalytic antibody (CAb) is a type of monoclonal antibody that cleaves and thereby permanently inactivates a target molecule, and goes on to locate and cleave other identical targets in a continuing process (a catalytic effect) while circulating in the body.
In three games this season - all MSU victories - Cleaves had 17 assists and eight turnovers.
The antibody rapidly cleaves cocaine molecules into two inert fragments, neither of which has any narcotic effect.
The revolutionary new system strips, cleans, cleaves, splices, recoats and proof-tests up to 40 fibers in a single pass in just one minute per splice with no operator intervention.