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cleave to (one)

To have sex with one (typically a spouse) only, and no one else. I would never cheat on my husband—after all, I vowed to cleave to him until my dying day.
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cleave to someone

to be sexually faithful, usually to one's husband. (Biblical. As in the traditional marriage ceremony, "And cleave only unto him.") She promised to cleave only to him for the rest of her life.
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The patient is a 73-year-old man with a history of NHL, follicular small cleaved cell type, treated with radiation therapy 13 years before the present admission.
For all four runs in table 5, essentially the same current flows and the same concentration of sulfur-sulfur bonds is cleaved. For the more tightly cured compounds, the higher concentration of nearby uncleaved bonds maintains the network and so reduces cracking and fluid absorption.
This protein can trigger cell suicide, but only when cleaved by a type of enzyme not normally present in people or mice.
One protein--protective antigen (PA)--binds to a receptor on the cell surface and is cleaved by enzymes there.
Moreover, they found that the strain cleaved hemagglutinin with a protease called plasmin, which is easily derived from plasminogen a precursor widely available in the host.
Freshly cleaved in a humid environment, mica readily acquires a one-molecule-thick layer of water.
Most semiconductor lasers used today emit their light from the cleaved edges of a crystal.
The ensuing chemical reactions effectively cleaved these PUFAs into fragments of varying lengths.
Beta amyloid, he notes, is actually a snippet of protein cleaved from a much larger protein called amyloid precursor protein (APP), which sticks out from cell membranes.
Previous work had shown that a ribozyme contains a horseshoe loop with two arms extending from the loop's open bottom end, and that the strand of RNA to be cleaved is straight and straddles the ribozyme.
During the Eocene epoch, a long rift cleaved the plate and cut off its northern section, which held the Broken Ridge part of the plateau.