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cleave to (one)

To have sexual intercourse with one's spouse only, and no one else. I would never cheat on my husband—after all, I vowed to cleave to him until my dying day.
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cleave to someone

to be sexually faithful, usually to one's husband. (Biblical. As in the traditional marriage ceremony, "And cleave only unto him.") She promised to cleave only to him for the rest of her life.
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1997) (patent for a cleavable fusion process for creating human growth hormone).
paragraph]) All susceptible plants were homozygous for the marker allele that is cleavable by MseI.
01 mm, associated with erythrite, pharmacolite, lollingite, bluish green mcguinessite, talc and hematite on coarsely cleavable dolomite.
to restore the cleavable rural network provided four side roads total length of about 3.
Sphalerite most often appears as complex intergrowths of malformed tetrahedral crystals and as cleavable masses.
With the exception of two (ATAT and TATA), all possible 4-bp palindromes are cleavable by restriction enzymes, can be generated by one or two nucleotide substitutions, and can be designed in virtually all sequences.
Whereas the multiple basic amino acids at the HA0 cleavage sites of HPAI viruses, either as a result of insertion or substitution (2-4), allows the HA0 precursor to be cleavable by ubiquitous host proteases (5).
PEN-221 comprises a highly selective peptide that targets SSTR2 linked to the potent cytotoxic DM1 through a cleavable linker.
Both non-covalent and enzymatically cleavable linkages between magnetic nanoparticles and vesicles and in the hydrogel matrices will be assayed.
In the first step a suitable protein, treated with reagents that provide reactive functional groups, is immobilized on a solid support via a cleavable linker.
But the new Burmese crystals are fairly sharp, even fairly lustrous, yellow-brown ones reaching 2 cm across; they are equant to oval-shaped, and are found embedded in a cleavable smoky gray calcite.
The predicted protein does not seem to have cleavable signal sequence, but it does have a predicted transmembrane segment and a cysteine/lysine-rich domain (61).
Cell death results from stabilization of cleavable complexes formed between topoisomerase I and DNA during DNA replication, transcription, and repair (14-17).
The barite and siderite occur together and have a similar habit, as massive, coarsely cleavable blades up to 1 cm, with coatings of hematite and limonite.
It is crystalline with a cleavable to fibrous habit, white to colorless, and hosts small anhedral to euhedral grains of titanite and uranoan ekanite.