clear the way

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clear the way

1. To make a physical path clear of obstacles by stepping aside or moving objects out of the way. This phrase is usually said as an imperative as someone or something in need of more space approaches. Clear the way! We need to get this cart down the hallway! Make sure you clear the way for the floats when they come down the parade route.
2. To make it possible for something to happen by removing challenges, restrictions, or resistance. The compromise in congress cleared the way for the spending bill.
See also: clear, way

Clear the way!

Please get out of the way, because someone or something is coming through and needs room! The movers were shouting, "Clear the way!" because they needed room to take the piano out of the house.
See also: clear

clear the ˈway (for something/for something to happen)

remove things that are stopping the progress or movement of something: The ruling could clear the way for extradition proceedings.
See also: clear, way