clear your throat

clear (one's) throat

1. Literally, to cough or make a guttural sound in an attempt to relieve a blockage in the throat, as is often caused by phlegm. I'm worried that I'm getting sick because I've had to clear my throat constantly all day long.
2. To make a coughing sound in order to attract attention. When the boss cleared her throat, we immediately stopped talking so that she could start the meeting.
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clear your ˈthroat

cough slightly, especially before speaking or to attract somebody’s attention: The lawyer stood up, cleared his throat and began to address the jury.
See also: clear, throat
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Sometimes a tic can cause you to repeatedly clear your throat, click your tongue, or make a certain noise, such as a grunt or a moan.
NEXT time anyone tells you Everton are 'the Premier League's draw specialists', clear your throat and announce the following...
Come and I will clear your throat of lilacs, tease loose the knots of a
If you've been living under a rock, just clear your throat and give their head-nodding single "I'd Rather" a spin to see what (or who) is going down.
His peculiar gruff tone almost makes you want to clear your throat when he goes for a high note, but it doesn't spoil the show.
It manifests itself as catarrh or by making you have to clear your throat continuously.
A sign outside the hall advises singers and speakers to 'check your flies and clear your throat'.
A humorist can get away with not being funny (after all, he's not a comedian) if he gives you pause or makes you clear your throat in a meaningful way.
IRISH people love a sing song and Christmas is one of the best times of the year to clear your throat and rattle out a tune at a party.
Clear your throat once for A, twice for B and three times for C during next Monday's multiple-choice test, got it?"
CLEAR your throats and stand by your beds - Peter Odemwingie might yet have a part to play this season.
So clear your throats and shout it out loud, urge the lads on to history.