clear of (something)

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clear of (something)

1. adjective Away from or avoiding (something). Keep clear of Mr. Jamison, he's very irritable today. If you boys are going to play outside, please stay clear of the street.
2. verb To exonerate oneself or another of a criminal charge or allegation of wrongdoing. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "clear" and "of." Vince hired a high-powered attorney to try to clear himself of the crime.
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*clear of something

without touching something; away from something. (*Typically: keep ~; move ~; remain ~; stand ~.) Please stand clear of the doors while the train is moving. Make sure the dog moves clear of the driveway before backing the car up.
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clear someone of something

to show that a person is innocent; to exonerate someone of a crime. (See also clear someone's name.) An investigation cleared me of any wrongdoing. They were unable to clear themselves of the charges.
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*The article resorted to the usual method of stating that the authenticity of these videos were not verified to clear themselves of any responsibility.
'We originally thought that once the allergen was removed, the lungs would clear themselves of inflammation relatively quickly.
In an effort to clear themselves of the blame, they cited external factors, e.g., spike in oil prices and weakening of the peso, as the principal causes for the inflation surge.
He said the ECP and other state institutions must get the audit done to clear themselves of the blame.
Secondly, I am fully aware that the people who market these conspiracy theories use them to clear themselves of all crime and wrongdoing.
"If people clear themselves of a serious offence, you let them get on with their job, you let them try to do their job.
See No Evil, Hear No Evil (Five, 1.40pm) | A blind man and his deaf friend go on the run to clear themselves of a trumped-up murder charge.
Chris Russo, head of the independent sports Web aggregator Big Lead Sports, envisions big brands like USC or the Chicago Cubs (the latter of which via WGN, along with TBS' Atlanta Braves, helped launch the cable sports era a generation ago) taking that step if able to clear themselves of current deals.
It's right that we are getting rid of the old system so our MPs can clear themselves of all the sleaze.
LINFIELD are set to use evidence from a rival club also involved in the an Irish FA postal blunder in a bid to clear themselves of any blame in the Robert Garrett affair.
Once people clear themselves of meaningful thinking, which would convince them a suicidal act is wrong, they are disinhibited.
Robert claims people must believe in the power of healing and that they must clear themselves of any secret sin within themselves before he can help them.
The best way to clear themselves of suspicion is to cooperate with the investigation.
The unit can also be supplied with self-cleaning flame traps, which clear themselves of exhaust fouling, further reducing maintenance costs and downtime.
Although he wrote that Martin and Koda "didn't really have to invoke a list of heroic modernists - from Manet and Degas to Seurat and the Cubists-to clear themselves of suspicion that an exhibition like this one is a gala-driven exercise to gratify well-heeled donors," Schama does something analogous in championing the classic turn-of-the-century creations of Charles Frederick Worth and Paul Poiret (the designer responsible for, in his words, the "current exhibition's showstopper - the 'Sorbet' dress, of 1913") while proving himself much less sanguine about Versace's 1995 nacreous polyvinyl chloride and clear vinyl evening gown for Madonna which he calls an example of "the ultimate folly of couture's painful mismatch of popular and high culture."