clear the way

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clear the way

1. To make a physical path clear of obstacles by stepping aside or moving objects out of the way. This phrase is usually said as an imperative as someone or something in need of more space approaches. Clear the way! We need to get this cart down the hallway! Make sure you clear the way for the floats when they come down the parade route.
2. To make it possible for something to happen by removing challenges, restrictions, or resistance. The compromise in congress cleared the way for the spending bill.
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Clear the way!

Please get out of the way, because someone or something is coming through and needs room! The movers were shouting, "Clear the way!" because they needed room to take the piano out of the house.
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clear the ˈway (for something/for something to happen)

remove things that are stopping the progress or movement of something: The ruling could clear the way for extradition proceedings.
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When we clear food out of our lives, we clear the way for a spiritual blood test.
"He set forth long-term objectives, primary objectives, strategic tasks and important tasks to be fulfilled to develop the country's defense industry into the ultra-modern self-supporting defense industry in the 21st century, true to the line of Juche, and made clear the ways to do so," it said.
We might think of civic meaning making as a two-step process that makes clear the ways in which gap year participants interpret their subjective realities (e.g., of themselves, others, and the world around them) but also how their interpretive frameworks can be changed through participation in gap year programming.
Although only a proposal, this work makes clear the ways in which Asher, throughout his long and varied career, always insured that the object of art and the elements defining its place of display could not be disengaged from each other--nor from the contextual realities of which both work and institutional site were an integral part.
Where Arab Media is perhaps reticent is in making clear the ways in which foreign media has impacted on the content and form of local variants.
My job is to pull things together from different parts of the company and clear the ways and get the resources for the key projects.
Went backstage and shook Baryshnikov's hand while the underbelly of the theater was abuzz with people shouting "Clear the ways!" Twyla had injured her ankle.
Racing manager Mick Smith explained: "With West Brom being top of the table, a large crowd is expected, and we felt it better to allow a little extra time to clear the ways.
In a highly detailed appraisal of a variety of sources, Vincent Morley makes clear the ways in which events in America came to influence public political discourse in Ireland.