clear of (something)

(redirected from clear myself of)

clear of (something)

1. adjective Away from or avoiding (something). Keep clear of Mr. Jamison, he's very irritable today. If you boys are going to play outside, please stay clear of the street.
2. verb To exonerate oneself or another of a criminal charge or allegation of wrongdoing. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "clear" and "of." Vince hired a high-powered attorney to try to clear himself of the crime.
See also: clear, of

*clear of something

without touching something; away from something. (*Typically: keep ~; move ~; remain ~; stand ~.) Please stand clear of the doors while the train is moving. Make sure the dog moves clear of the driveway before backing the car up.
See also: clear, of

clear someone of something

to show that a person is innocent; to exonerate someone of a crime. (See also clear someone's name.) An investigation cleared me of any wrongdoing. They were unable to clear themselves of the charges.
See also: clear, of
References in classic literature ?
clear myself of the horrible suspicion she has about me.
I will do anything to clear myself of the suspicion that rests on me now.
Well, I think I can clear myself of the charge of mere selfish ambition.
I was happy to try it, not only for me to test, as I wanted to be clear myself of what the product could do, before using it on a few of my own patients.
I will clear myself of the allegations on the assembly floor.
And in case it's just a matter of a misunderstanding, then I'd like to clear myself of the undeserved hate.