clear (one's) name

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clear (one's) name

To exonerate oneself or another of a criminal charge or allegation of wrongdoing. I was only accused of that crime because I look like the perpetrator, so I was able to clear my name. Good luck trying to clear your name once people think you've done something wrong.
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clear someone's name

to prove that someone is not guilty of a crime or misdeed. (See also clear someone of something.) I was accused of theft, but the real thief confessed and I cleared my name.
See also: clear, name

clear one's name

Also, clear oneself. Prove someone (or oneself) innocent. For example, She not only wanted to be acquitted, she wanted to clear her name entirely. This locution employs the verb clear in the sense of "purify" or "wash away a stain." [Late 1400s]
See also: clear, name

clear somebody’s ˈname

prove that somebody is innocent: Throughout his years in prison, his family fought to clear his name.
See also: clear, name
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But almost five years after the protracted legal duel Baraza, a trained journalist, now says he is ready to face the Hague judges to clear his name.
15 (ANI): England all-rounder Ben Stokes has said that he was keen to clear his name after being charged by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) with affray over the brawl outside a Bristol nightclub.
THE son of the founder of Greggs bakery is fighting for the second time to clear his name after being jailed for sexually abusing boys.
Malones said he met with President Duterte in Davao City last year to clear his name.
A MERSEYSIDE politician accused of money laundering has vowed to clear his name.
WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange is being denied the chance to clear his name, his lawyers have maintained, even as sex assault claims against him could be dropped as prosecution time limits are set to expire.
A BIRMINGHAM man who faces life in prison after being convicted of playing a part in a brutal murder in Worcester will have his bid to clear his name heard by judges next month.
CLIFF Richard yesterday vowed to clear his name over claims he sexually assaulted a schoolboy at a religious rally in 1985.
A statement on a website set up to clear his name said lawyers have now reviewed the evidence and the trial proceedings at Caernarfon Crown Court in 2012.
FORMER Socialist MSP Tommy Sheridan yesterday insisted he will clear his name as he launched a fresh bid to overturn his perjury conviction.
The actor - Weatherfield's Kevin Webster - is spending a small fortune on legal bills to clear his name over child rape allegations.
Summary: Max Clifford has vowed to clear his name in court as he was charged with 11 historic counts of indecent assault against teenage girls.
QUETTA -- Pakistan's former captain Salman Butt returned home to a chaotic welcome Friday after being released from a British prison, vowing to clear his name after being jailed for spot-fixing.
ENGLAND skipper John Terry has vowed to clear his name after being charged with racially abusing Queens Park Rangers player Anton Ferdinand.
MOHAMED BIN HAMMAM believes FIFA have already decided to find him guilty of bribery allegations but has vowed to clear his name of any wrongdoing.