clear (one's) name

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clear (one's) name

To exonerate oneself or another of a criminal charge or allegation of wrongdoing. I was only accused of that crime because I look like the perpetrator, so I was able to clear my name. Good luck trying to clear your name once people think you've done something wrong.
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clear someone's name

to prove that someone is not guilty of a crime or misdeed. (See also clear someone of something.) I was accused of theft, but the real thief confessed and I cleared my name.
See also: clear, name

clear one's name

Also, clear oneself. Prove someone (or oneself) innocent. For example, She not only wanted to be acquitted, she wanted to clear her name entirely. This locution employs the verb clear in the sense of "purify" or "wash away a stain." [Late 1400s]
See also: clear, name

clear somebody’s ˈname

prove that somebody is innocent: Throughout his years in prison, his family fought to clear his name.
See also: clear, name
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When making the announcement in her native Switzerland this week, Hingis said she did not want to carry on playing while the allegations were hanging over her, but WTA Tour chief executive Larry Scott still expects her to fight to clear her name.
Last January, it emerged that Holdsworth hoped new expert evidence will help clear her name.
Emma Budd, 18, has been fighting for more than a year to clear her name after a bureaucratic bungle mixed her details up with another woman, who has two convictions for theft.
Because of her involvement with this girl, Sabine is accused of a crime she didn't commit and must find a way to not only clear her name but also to avert a looming disaster.
It won't help, says court ordeal head:Welsh head teacher Marjorie Evans, who endured an 18-month fight to clear her name after she was accused of slapping a 10-year-old boy, said yesterday she was not convinced that suing children was the right answer.
Last night Ms Baker's supporters claimed she was still determined to clear her name at a forthcoming internal disciplinary hearing.
He said: "It is very sad she died not knowing the first stage of the legal process to clear her name had been granted.
The Army refused to say publicly Lindsey was not one of the women and, determined to clear her name, she took an HIV test which proved negative.
Lungu denied it was her and asked the Forensic Institute, a state crime laboratory, to help her clear her name by taking photos of her and comparing them to the video.
This volume introduces Thraxas as he helps a princess clear her name.
In a bid to clear her name, Jackie Elder, from the Linthorpe ward, has contacted police and asked them to look at correspondence she sent to Mr Mallon.
MICHELLE DE BRUIN'S supporters are ready to launch a cash appeal to help her clear her name.