clean clock

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clean (one's) clock

To thoroughly trounce, defeat, or beat up one. Watch it, pal, or I'll clean your clock for you! The visitors really cleaned the home team's clock tonight!
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clean (someone's) clock

To beat or defeat decisively: "Immense linemen declared their intentions to clean the clocks of opposing players" (Russell Baker).
See also: clean, clock
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“Even in the $10 million space [today], you’d better know what you’re doing; if you’re in a competitive situation with advisers who are specialists, they’re going to clean your clock,” he says.
Lisa Munson or Athena Lee will clean your clock. They didn't sit around the gun shop talking the game.
As she ended it, Morrison told her visitors: "I hope the tribes clean your clock" for PACT's "embarrassing" tactics, and that the group deserved what it got.
And the reason is, you don't start a conflict against the major superpower just because you might have some short-term advantage since, in the long term, we'll come back and clean your clock."