clean plate

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clean (one's) plate (up)

To eat all of the food that is on one's plate. He's usually a really picky eater, so I'm shocked that he cleaned his plate! You'll have to clean your plate up if you want dessert.
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clean (up) one's plate

to eat all the food on one's plate. You have to clean up your plate before you can leave the table. Mom said we can't watch TV tonight unless we clean our plates.
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And the aim of getting a 'clean plate'' makes us more likely to override the satiety signals that stop us eating.
Uncover; drain off excess liquid or transfer scallops to a clean plate. Serve with soy sauce for dipping.
We teach them to get only what they can finish and to have a clean plate so they are not wasting food.
ci dGt INVOLVE THEM WHEN COOKING IF children have invested even a small amount of their own time in meal preparation, and understand the ingredients used, the chances of a clean plate increase dramatically.
And, of course, I am the only family member who will ever clean out their hutch, replenish their water supply or make sure they eat their sprouts (which is even more of a challenge than with my kids because I can't bribe them with a sticky bun in exchange for a clean plate).
This was much more to my taste and resulted in a clean plate. The menu offers a whole host of side dishes - pickled or otherwise - to share alongside your main meal.
"An increasing amount of research suggests that some people use visual indications such as a clean plate or bottom of a bowl to tell them when to stop eating," he added.
Rena's fillet with peppercorn sauce was also spot on - another clean plate - and Liz thought the tiger prawn risotto was easily the best she'd sampled since the searingly hot chilli chicken version at our favourite Glasgow restaurant, Guy's.
To serve, place tart on a clean plate and dust with icing sugar.
The clean plate opposite me was an indicator that my other half was pleased with his choice and my fish dish did not disappoint either.
Telling a child he has a moral duty to leave a clean plate is unlikely to motivate a two year-old into finishing his dinner.
With a slotted spoon, transfer the chorizo to a clean plate. In the same pan, saute the onion and garlic in the chorizo oil for one to two minutes.
Whether you opt for the amazing rosemary, garlic and lime marinated rump, the grilled lamb chop with spring onion, chilli and roasted peppers or the rack of ribs with a pomegranate and port reduction, you're sure to leave a clean plate!
His pizza base was crisp with generous amounts of topping, the clean plate a tribute to the quality of the food.
Flexo Wash, Louisville, KY, USA, displayed several new products including the new FW Handy XL, a narrow web anilox cleaner, and the new PK EZ Clean Plate & Parts Washer, both designed for entry level, narrow web flexo printers.