clean plate

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clean (one's) plate (up)

To eat all of the food that is on one's plate. He's usually a really picky eater, so I'm shocked that he cleaned his plate! You'll have to clean your plate up if you want dessert.
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clean (up) one's plate

to eat all the food on one's plate. You have to clean up your plate before you can leave the table. Mom said we can't watch TV tonight unless we clean our plates.
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All three are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives and come with a Clean Plate Guarantee for parents.
The tenderloin was rinsed, placed on a clean plate, refrigerated, and grilled outdoors that evening.
The plate is heated, thereby melting the unexposed areas, then brought into contact with a non-woven fabric which absorbs the unexposed photopolymer, removing all of it and leaving a clean plate ready to mount on the press without the need for a lengthy drying step.
These systems can be placed on the front, rear or sides of the machine and will automatically demold parts and clean plate surfaces of any residual flash.
The second method was to draw with ink on a clean plate, exactly like drawing on paper.
With so much damage, it's like starting with a clean plate.
Main: Adam Moran, aka Beard Meats Food, with the Ox and Bone's |Widowmaker hotdog and, above, with his clean plate and time picture
4 Place on a clean plate to firm up, then serve, or keep in a sealed container in the fridge for up to four weeks.
Her face was like a flat, clean plate, without any expression.
Avoid fast-paced music too, this can increase the speed you eat, resulting in a clean plate before your body is able to recognise it is full.
Dab it into a clean plate to remove excess, then dab into the stencil with small, firm actions until all the area has been covered.
The base was crisp with generous amounts of topping and the clean plate was a tribute to the quality of the food served.
Rena's fillet with peppercorn sauce was also spot on - another clean plate - and Liz thought the tiger prawn risotto was easily the best she'd sampled since the searingly hot chilli chicken version at our favourite Glasgow restaurant, Guy's.
To serve, place tart on a clean plate and dust with icing sugar.
Unfortunately, the very first line of each recipe stumped me: "Take a clean plate.