clean plate

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clean (one's) plate (up)

To eat all of the food that is on one's plate. He's usually a really picky eater, so I'm shocked that he cleaned his plate! You'll have to clean your plate up if you want dessert.
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clean (up) one's plate

to eat all the food on one's plate. You have to clean up your plate before you can leave the table. Mom said we can't watch TV tonight unless we clean our plates.
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After presenting the waitress with his third clean plate of the afternoon, my uncle Jim slumped back in his chair and gasped: "When we fly back to Sydney, I'll have to pay an excess baggage fee for my gut.
You ate what was in front of you - a clean plate was a standard requirement.
Roast saddle (as per cooking times above) then remove from roasting tray and let rest on large clean plate or tray.
4 Place on a clean plate to firm up, then serve, or keep in a sealed container in the fridge for up to four weeks.
His pizza base was crisp with generous amounts of topping, the clean plate a tribute to the quality of the food.
Indeed, it's pretty much the same sort of inspiration I get from Masterchef and watching ordinary people produce - in the words of John Torode - a clean plate of food, that wouldn't look out of place in a restaurant.
Fetching a clean plate, we ventured up again (and again) to sample stir-fried chick-en, sweet and sour pork, beef curry and deep-fried chicken in lemon sauce.
I thought a new man coming in should have a clean plate to work on and not have any old memories hanging around so I decided to decline the offer.
Determined not to disappoint my curious audience, I edged closer and closer to a clean plate.