clean clock

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clean (one's) clock

To thoroughly trounce, defeat, or beat up one. Watch it, pal, or I'll clean your clock for you! The visitors really cleaned the home team's clock tonight!
See also: clean, clock

clean (someone's) clock

To beat or defeat decisively: "Immense linemen declared their intentions to clean the clocks of opposing players" (Russell Baker).
See also: clean, clock
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Before they married, a guy at a party "got fresh" with her, as Pete says, so he had to "clean his clock." Even so, the guy subsequently became a longtime family friend.
Multiply these problems by Clinton's desire to be respected by the military (and the poor start he made by pushing to end the gay ban), and it's no wonder that the Pentagon believes, as one Defense official put it, "We're going to clean his clocks."