clean break

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clean break

A complete removal from a (usually negative) situation, relationship, or attachment, with no intention of returning. After spending years in an emotionally abusive relationship, Patrick finally decided to make a clean break and leave his girlfriend.
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make a clean break

remove yourself completely and finally from a situation or relationship.
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a clean ˈbreak

a complete separation from a person, an organization, a way of life, etc: She wanted to make a clean break with the past and start again.
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She said she felt "honoured and privileged" to be chosen: "I care strongly about democracy, and if elected to represent the people of Redcar, will listen to them, and fight tooth and nail for them in all areas, including, but not limited to, fighting for a clean break Brexit.
This year we will showcase the work of a partner of Columbia Threadneedle Foundation; Clean Break. Clean Break is a charity and theatre company that supports women with experience of the criminal justice system, helping to raise awareness of their stories to city audiences, inspiring our city community to be part of positive change.
The double action pull is smooth, with no stacking and a clean break. The single action is creep-free and crisp.
No deal can feel like a clean break, a way out of the mess.
The double action pull is smooth with no stacking and a clean break. Single action is creep free and crisp.
After we leave, with a clean break, and no trick deals, only then will Eire and BMW have to tell their EU Commissioners what they must do to avoid grievous EU damage to themselves.
Two women from very different worlds are central to this Theatr Clwyd and acclaimed women's theatre company Clean Break co-production which was premiered this week at the Mold theatre before touring.
I just want a clean break, but I do care for her and feel guilty.
Directed by Roisin McBrinn, joint artistic director of Clean Break, Thick as Thieves is the first ever co-production between Theatr Clwyd and Clean Break.
But leading Tory Boris Johnson - a possible future leader - will be the centre of attention when he appears at a "fringe" event and delivers a speech making the case for a clean break with the European Union.
Charlie Kindel, the founder of Amazon's Alexa Smart Home unit left the company on Friday, writing in an email to colleagues that "the pace of the past 5 years has finally gotten to me and I simply need to catch my breath." He added, "I was originally just going to take a temporary leave, but I like the idea of having total freedom of thought to decide what's next in my life," and that "By making a clean break from Amazon all options (including coming back to Amazon) are still on the table." [Reference Link]:[]
Ah Van discovered the extent of the injury when he went for scans which revealed a clean break and is now facing up to three months on the sidelines.
No but we would always advise that any agreement is included within a clean break consent order which should be endorsed by the Court within Divorce Proceedings.
The paper, echoing many themes from Netanyahu's own writings, was called 'A Clean Break'.
Clean Break is a four-part crime drama on DVD by award-winning wrier Billy Roche.