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I'LL DOO THE BUSINESS Sean 3Higgins shoots clay pigeons and now he's vowing to fire in goals for St Johnstone this season
Collectors should also seek full shotshell loading kits, cartons of shotshells and boxes of reusable clay pigeons.
To pay for their sons' trip, Jim and his wife Linda have held fundraising events, moonlighted as clay pigeon shooting referees and called on the generosity of family members.
CRESWELL - Though it's technically called a turkey shoot, it's the clay pigeons that really should watch out.
Clay pigeon shooting champion Tom Potter, 18, who disappeared after a night out with friends in Bedford, was spotted by a passer-by in the Great Ouse on the outskirts of the town.
Shooters can use only small wood, paper, clay pigeon, or metal spinning targets in these areas.
You just push the button whenever you want a clay pigeon to come out.
You may not need ammunition loaded with this kind of care to hit a clay pigeon at 25 yards, but move that pigeon out to 50 yards and you might.
CCI will sell its clay pigeon business, Clark Clay Industries Ltd, and soon as possible and change its name to XKO Group Plc.
Nelson County had approved shooting live game at Orion's 450-acre rural tract of land, but effectively banned the discharge of firearms for sporting clays, helice and other clay pigeon shooting activities to be located on the same property.
So wife Jill, 62, and his three children arranged for the gun shop owner's ashes to be mixed with adhesive and put into clay pigeon discs.
A clay pigeon shooting champion has been cleared of driving his car at his former policeman neighbour.
A MARSKE company has held its 15th clay pigeon shoot.
The Academy also has competing teams in the sports of football, rugby, handball and clay pigeon shooting.
Bright Red, which aims to improve the lives of people in the North who are dealing with illnesses such as leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma, is staging a clay pigeon shoot and a charity dance on September 24.