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there are some folk who have no fear of Domesday in them, and no sign of grace in their souls, for ever clutching and clawing at another man's chattels.
The impetuosity of this act and the weight and momentum of his body carried the bull backward, clutching and clawing for support, down through the leafy branches of the tree.
Over and over upon the grass rolled Sheeta, growling and screaming, clawing and biting, in a mad effort to dislodge his antagonist or get some portion of his body within range of teeth or talons.
Seven days after that 2-1 triumph at Chicago gave Chivas its first victory away from HDC this season, featured a late winning goal to reverse a trend of losing points after allowing late scores, and interrupted a 1-1-8 stretch, it was right back to clawing for points.
Some would argue that clawing back part of the National Child Benefit from parents on welfare creates an incentive to work.
BENEFITS Minister Alistair Darling came under renewed fire last night for clawing back money from the miners.
He keeps clawing at the sofa and everything else in his vicinity and most recently even my pants.
Clawing, barking, squawking and meowing are all part of the usual holiday routine for the Canyon Country resident, who poses for photos with people's pets each December to raise money for the Pet Assistance Foundation.
And when he wasn't clawing, the 2- to 4-year-old dog was clinging to a ledge or treading water.