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(a) grandfather clause

a clause in an agreement that protects certain rights granted in the past even when conditions change in the future. The contract contained a grandfather clause that protected my pension payments against claims such as might arise from a future lawsuit.
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I wrote by that day's post, and put the case before him exactly as it stood, not only urging every argument I could think of to induce him to maintain the clause as I had drawn it, but stating to him plainly the mercenary motive which was at the bottom of the opposition to my settlement of the twenty thousand pounds.
You maintain your note on the clause, then, to the letter?
1984) (holding a motion to dismiss due to an exclusive forum selection clause should have been filed under F.
That risk can be mitigated by use of a strong claims-control clause that is effective under the governing law of the reinsurance.
The bargaining strength, or leverage, of each party significantly influences the balance of the clause.
The then director of the NHS in Wales, Ann Lloyd, said that on the "rare occasion" organisations might need to consider using a confidentiality clause, they should be regarded as "novel and contentious and consult with the NHS Wales department".
Regarding clause 5(II) demanding the ownership of any company from the candidate, the Institute, said it needs to be clarified whether the candidates should declare only 100% ownership, 50% ownership or shares in any company.
Attorney Fee Provision: In the United States, absent a statute or contractual clause that allows for at-torney fees, each party pays his or her own legal fees.
A typical clause of this type might appear in the sales details under the heading "Overage Provisions," and say something like: "This property is sold subject to an Uplift Clause reserving to the vendor 30 per cent of any increase in value arising from the grant of planning consent for alternative use or development of the site.
Kawashima was convicted was an aggravated felony under clause (i) because it involved fraud and deceit and had resulted in a loss of more than $10,000 to the government.
At the core of KIIAC's offerings is a patented, highly-innovative contract analysis engine which provides law firms and corporate law offices with model legal documents and the ability to create and maintain document templates and clause libraries specific to their needs.
An acknowledgment-of-receipt clause in a deed of sale was meant to protect the interests of the purchaser.
22) Sequences of verbs connected with a conjunction and thus referring to the same subject will be counted separately, that is each as a separate clause.
Amendment of section 2, Act VI of 2012,- In the Private Power and Infrastructure Board Act, 2012 (VI of 2012), hereinafter referred to as the said Act, in section 2,in clause (f), the comma and words , other than the Federal Government or any enterprise owned or controlled by the Federal Government shall be omitted; and (ii) the existing clause (j), clause (k), clause (l) and clause (m)
In the absence of the severability clause, the severability