grandfather clause

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(a) grandfather clause

a clause in an agreement that protects certain rights granted in the past even when conditions change in the future. The contract contained a grandfather clause that protected my pension payments against claims such as might arise from a future lawsuit.
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51) Voir notamment Elsley, supra note 4 (<<[d]es arrets ont confirme la validite d'une clause interdisant a un employe de prendre part a un genre de travail particulier dans une zone determinee et ce, pendant une periode de temps acceptable apres la cessation de son emploi: voir par exemple les arrets Fitch v.
Comparer avec RBC Dominion Valeurs mobilieres Inc c Merrill Lynch Canada Inc, 2008 CSC 54 au para 19, [2008] 3 RCS 79 (oU la CSC a etabli clairement que dans l'absence de clause contractuelle expresse, au contraire, un employe est libre de faire concurrence a son ancien employeur une fois qu'il a mis fin a l'emploi, moyennant une obligation de bonne foi).
In this particular insurance policy the arbitration clause was only contained in the general terms of the policy.
Because the dispute resolution clause can sometimes be an afterthought when the major points of negotiation have been addressed and the deal is considered done, it is frequently referred to as a "midnight" or "champagne" clause.
In rare cases, the temporal since clause is fronted, separated from the main clause by a comma and we have mixed examples, the hybrid since clause being both a temporal locator and an explanation.
That allows a beneficiary to launch a contest without triggering the trust's no-contest clause -- and risking the loss of his or her inheritance.
The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has issued a fresh Notice of Charge to former opening batsman Nasir Jamshed for violating five different clauses of the board's anti-corruption-code, directly linked with corruption.
The said clause explains that some person under this clause was disqualified and proved guilty on basis of corruption or illegal act then he would be declared ineligible for a period of five years to contest National Assembly, Senate or local government election.
24, 2015), case, however, dispelled that notion when it found the following language in a contract's exclusive representations clause sufficient to disclaim fraud claims:
Even prior to assuming his position as president of the United States, Trump was hit with allegations he already has violated the Emoluments Clause&nbsp;or the Foreign Emoluments Clause.
1) The Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2008 (TVPA) is one of the few statutes regulated by the Foreign Commerce Clause (FCC) and it is used to punish sex traffickers by restoring their victims with the income they made while they were forced to prostitute.
A question that has arisen is whether the clause is still valid in the light of the Philippine Competition Act (PCA).
Although relative clauses are complex clause structures, they emerge relatively early and due to this fact most psycholinguistic studies have explored the acquisition of these structures during the first years of child language development (see Costa et al.
The senate committee completed reading of the bill upto 210 clauses and would restore reading other clauses during its upcoming meeting.