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class (someone or something) with (someone or something)

To group someone or something with similar people or things. I studied hard, so don't class me with the kids who don't care. Please class these bedsheets with others that are the same size.
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the chattering classes

Educated individuals known for frequently discussing and commenting on current events, such as politics, perhaps in the media. The term is often derogatory. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I wouldn't know what the chattering classes are on about—I pay no attention to all the talking heads.
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the chattering classes

articulate and educated people considered as a social group given to the expression of liberal opinions about society and culture. derogatory
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The classes with negative rating actions and the classes placed on Rating Watch Negative reflect the deterioration in the relationship of CE to future loss expectations and affect approximately $3 million of outstanding certificates.
The classes placed on Rating Watch show deterioration in the relationship between CE and expected losses and affect approximately $488.
The classes placed on Rating Watch Negative show signs of increasing credit risk, posing a potential threat to subordinate bonds.
The transactions that contain upgraded classes (Series 2002-D, 2002-4, 2003-AR1, 2003-AR3, 2003-3, 2003-4, 2003-6) are structured with a fixed 60+ delinquency trigger of either 16% or 16.
As of the December 2006 distribution date, CE levels for the upgraded classes have grown at least 8.
NEW YORK -- Fitch has affirmed 98, downgraded 6, and placed 9 classes on Rating Watch Negative from the following 11 Aegis Asset-Backed Securities: