class with

class (someone or something) with (someone or something)

To group someone or something with similar people or things. I studied hard, so don't class me with the kids who don't care. Please class these bedsheets with others that are the same size.
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class someone or something with someone or something

to group someone or something with someone or something considered similar. Please don't class this car with anything you've ever driven before. The sportswriters classed this team with some of the all-time best in history.
See also: class
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Three of the professors stated, however, that they would not penalize shy students and that they basically considered coming to class with the homework done as class participation.
One of the students, who had previously treated the class with cool detachment, was visibly excited to see the paintings face to face, and by lunchtime he was making plans to bring his family on a guided tour--naturally guided by him--of the Renaissance section of the MFA.
Again Gunn helpfully reminds us of the bodily "choreography of authority"--deference, subordination, status, and the like--which are "customarily expressed through bodily performance." (18) The video oral history of dancers and the dance, then, adds a dimension to how people 'speak' class with their body, often in dialogue or tension with what they are verbalizing.
For NYCB principal Sofiane Sylve, taking class with the boys at SAB is like going home.
Consequently, a traditional cross-cultural class with lecture and texts was compared with a contemporary cross-cultural class incorporating innovations.
Nanny's position as a slave and the birth of Leafy keep her in the working class with a" 'broom and a cook-pot'" and" 'no pulpit'" to" 'preach a great sermon about colored women sittin' on high'" (32).
In all, the large SES boost would produce a class with seven times as many blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans matriculating as a system using test scores and grades alone.
In FYC classes ranging from mainstream students, to underrepresented students, to a second-year composition class with students from various disciplines, Corbett's findings suggest the high degree of consensus and difference negotiation, asserted by Trimbur and Spigelman, that plays out more vividly in the writing classroom with an in-class tutor.
One interesting aspect of the current study was our specific comparison between the scores of students who attended class with those who did not attend.
(the names of the students have been changed to protect their identities), a 17-year-old boy, has been taking class with Krauss in San Jose Juvenile Hall for two and a half years, and he regards the class as an important crucible for his growing confidence and agreeability.
Assessment by the librarian during the third week includes the review of the web evaluation worksheets that are returned to the students and e-mails to the class with answers to questions from the 3x5 cards, as well as the review of the most important things learned.
The survey administered to the UG's asked questions focusing on their experiences as a mentoree by probing their attitudes about a) the class in general, b) their learning as a result of having mentors in class with them, c) having teachers in the same class with them, d) the mentoring climate that took place in the course thus far, and e) whether or not the student would be inclined to take another split-level course in the future.
Auditions: Ballet class with pointe work, pas de deux, modern class, improvisation.
She could be frequently seen sitting on the sidelines quietly keeping score during kickball games in gym class with her fellow fifth graders.
In the tumultuous period between 1815 and 1820 both proponents of political reform and their opponents invested the middle class with those qualities that would conduce to the restoration of stability and harmony.