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clasp (something) to (something)

To press or hold something firmly against something else. Suzy clasped her new doll to her chest. Clasp this icepack to your knee to alleviate the swelling.
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clasp someone or something to something

to hold on to and press someone or something to a part of one's body. He clasped a wad of cloth to the bleeding wound. She clasped the child to her breast and hugged him.
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(13,20-24) The long-term effectiveness of retention of clasps and their effect on the abutment teeth have been previously studied (22-24) where clasp arm design was shown to produce less stress and thereby delivered predictable long-term use of an RPD.
The purse was topped with a gold-plated ant and an aventurine jade clasp.
Literature also agrees with these results.15 Possible reason for occurrence of mobility in present study may be the stress applied by the clasps attached to the abutment teeth or it may be the result of physiological aging process and related changes in the periodontal tissue.
The two enclosure pieces can be fitted with hinges and clasps, or left separate and joined together using only clasps.
It is nearly unbreakable, pink coloured like the gums, can be built quite thin, and can form both the denture base and the clasps as well.
Theoretically, Mr Moss should be eligible for a bombing Crew Clasp on two counts: In the picture which you published, he is seen pointing to the 1939-1945 Star, which takes preference over all other Second World War decorations, awarded to members of HM Forces serving overseas in any theatre of War.
Prime Minister David Cameron speaks with World War II veterans after presenting them with clasps during the Bomber Command and Arctic Star medal presentations at Downing Street yesterday
“The Troffer Door Clasp solves a problem that is both common and expensive.
Clasps authorized for the award of additional Good Conduct Medals: Bronze for one to four awards, silver for five to nine awards and gold for 10 or more awards.
Melbourne, Feb 14 (ANI): A US engineer has invented a bra clasp that comes off when you clap your hands.
High above them, the terrified little boy had his hands clasped, as if praying for his life.
Burgess' medal is one of only 14 with five clasps. It came with another NGSM, also with the Boat Service 27th July , 1809 clasp, named to R.B.
EUROPE AND ASIA CLASPS Worn on the suspension ribbon of the Navy Occupation Service Medal
SIX UNIFORMED members of staff from the Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing of the Air Training Corps, who have clocked up a combined total of 156 years of voluntary uniformed service, have been presented with Cadet Forces Medals and Clasps in recognition of their long and distinguished service and commitment to the Corps.