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clasp (something) to (something)

To press or hold something firmly against something else. Suzy clasped her new doll to her chest. Clasp this icepack to your knee to alleviate the swelling.
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clasp someone or something to something

to hold on to and press someone or something to a part of one's body. He clasped a wad of cloth to the bleeding wound. She clasped the child to her breast and hugged him.
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The valplast partial is virtually invisible because there are no metal clasps and the material itself blends with the tissue in the mouth.
It is awarded for 12 years service with additional clasps being issued for every 6 (previously 8) years additional service Wing Commander Pravin Ladwa also took the opportunity to recognise the efforts of one of his other Staff Officers, Flight Lieutenant R.
SPECIAL: Three of the historic medals (from left) Military General Service Medal, Naval General Service Medal with a Trafalgar clasp and an 1815 Waterloo Medal
Many fake clasps exist due to the rarity value of originals.
All male Nocomis leptocephalus (n = 19) observed in Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia performed spawning clasps.
The brothers' medals - their Crimea Medals with three clasps for Alma, Balaclava and Sebastopol and George's Turkish Crimea Medal - are expected to fetch pounds 5,000 at London auctioneers Dix Noonan Webb.
Sometimes, recipients append the number of clasps to the post-nominal "CD" (e.
Mr Dempsey also presented Clasps associated with the National Medal recognising long service, as well as Diligent and Ethical Service Medals and Clasps.
Frequently, RPD clasps made from the same alloy as the metal framework.
Five clasps were issued commemorating some of the most famous operations of the war.
IN TOP SHAPE: Adjusting bikini' NECK'S YEAR: Lisa frolics on Caribbean beach' BRACING: She clasps face' REAR PHEW: Beauty' Pictures: MARTIN LEAVER/ROB MORRISON/BIGPICTURESPHOTO.
perfect for beginners because no clasps are needed, it never forgets its shape, and it's one-size-fits-all.
The veterans, who are now in their 70s and 80s, have learned Whitehall red tape means they could be forced to wait a further three years before they receive the medals and clasps from the Ministry of Defence.