clasp to

clasp (something) to (something)

To press or hold something firmly against something else. Suzy clasped her new doll to her chest. Clasp this icepack to your knee to alleviate the swelling.
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clasp someone or something to something

to hold on to and press someone or something to a part of one's body. He clasped a wad of cloth to the bleeding wound. She clasped the child to her breast and hugged him.
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The apparatus allowed the insertion of the clasp to its predetermined terminal position and its subsequent removal from the metal model.
Department of Energy - is partnering with ClimateWorks and CLASP to launch an innovative program that will support efforts to extend renewable energy to millions of people throughout the developing world who currently live without access to electricity.
"As part of Sir John Holmes' independent medal review a recommendation was made for a clasp to be awarded to the 1939-45 Star to recognise the specific contribution of the aircrew of Bomber Command.
Army Claims Service developed the CLASP to address the above problems.
The presentationat the headquarters of 194 (BSA) Squadron was organised by the Officer Commanding Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing, Wing Commander Pravin Ladwa who presented Cadet Forces Medals (CFM) and Clasps to the following members: Flight Lieutenant A.R.T Bennett - Officer Commanding 2030 (Elmdon & Yardley) Squadron, who received the 5th Clasp to the CFM for an outstanding 46 years service, more than any other officer within the wing.
Flight Lieutenant B Lee - Officer Commanding 1368 (Warwick and Royal Leamington Spa) Squadron, who received the 2nd Clasp to the CFM for 26 years service.
Squadron Leader S.D Iles - Wing Staff Of-ficer, who received the 1st Clasp to the CFM for 18 years service.
Flight Lieutenant C.J Newton - of 165 (Castle Bromwich) Squadron, who received the 1st Clasp to the CFM for 18 years service.
Harvey Weinstein bestowed a courtly clasp to femmes and men alike at the "Kill Bill Vol.