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clasp (something) to (something)

To press or hold something firmly against something else. Suzy clasped her new doll to her chest. Clasp this icepack to your knee to alleviate the swelling.
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clasp someone or something to something

to hold on to and press someone or something to a part of one's body. He clasped a wad of cloth to the bleeding wound. She clasped the child to her breast and hugged him.
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It is an honour to recognise the hard work and dedication of emergency service personnel and these medals and clasps demonstrate the commitment the recipients have to serving the Cairns community, Mr Crawford said.
All the clasp groups (20 transparent polyamide, 20 pink polyamide, 20 Co-Cr) were divided into 2 subgroups (n=10), according to the type of tooth (molar or premolar).
The Ann Ong brand has been associated with minaudieres with trademark gold-plated grasshopper and semiprecious stone clasps, and bold cuffs and dramatic necklaces in natural, organic shapes.
Clasp Fracture or Deformation###0 (0%)###5 (4.5%)###2 (1.8%)###0 (0%)###7 (6.4%)
"I contacted the Armed Forces Minister on Mr Brown's behalf and explained why I believed he deserved and qualified for the Bomber Command Clasp. I am delighted that we were successful.
Medal clasps are important reminders to further family generations of what their forefathers achieved in past wars.
It would be a great source of pride to me to get the clasp. I was the pilot's assistant and, as a 19-year-old, it was all an adventure.
Further support by the Canadian Institute for Health Information, the Canadian Institute of Planners, the Heart and Stroke Foundation, and the Healthy Canada by Design CLASP initiative through Canadian Partnership Against Cancer's funding helped to turn this idea into action.
The CLASP technology has also developed to meet the changing needs of buildings.
Video footage of police passing around and dropping the clasp - which went unseen for six weeks - drew gasps of disbelief in the court.
They claimed Sollecito's DNA was found on the clasp of Kercher's bra.
She also said the bra clasp was not collected until 46 days after the killing.
They said results may have been contaminated on both the blade and bra clasp.
Additionally, DNA of Knox's then-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito was found on a bra clasp belonging to murdered British student Meredith Kercher.