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clash against (someone or something)

To fight against someone or something. The two sides have been clashing against each other in the streets for weeks—when will the fighting stop?
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clash of the ash

1. In the sport of hurling, the sound of opponents' hurleys (long paddle-like sticks, made from ash wood) striking each other. Primarily heard in Ireland. It was an intense match, and the fierce clash of the ash could be heard ringing through the pitch.
2. By extension, a contest between two hurling teams. Primarily heard in Ireland. Fans are gearing up for spectacular clash of the ash this Saturday afternoon.
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clash with (someone or something)

1. To fight or disagree with someone or something. My house is always full of yelling because my kids clash with each other on everything.
2. To contradict or be in disagreement with something. The governor's new tax plan clashes with his campaign promises. Our idea got rejected because it clashed with the boss's vision for our department.
3. To look visually displeasing when paired or juxtaposed with something, usually as of colors. That eyeshadow totally clashes with her skin tone, unfortunately. We're all wearing pink, so you're definitely going to clash with us if you wear orange.
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clash against something

to wage a battle or attack against someone or something. The troops clashed against the enemy. We clashed against the opposite side for over three days.
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clash (with someone) (over someone or something)

to fight or argue with someone about someone or something. The customer clashed with the pharmacist over the price of the medicine. I clashed over my pay increase with the school principal.

clash with something

[for the color of something] to conflict with or mismatch another color. This red carpet clashes with the purple of the drapes. This red does not clash with purple. It looks gorgeous.
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Political analyst U Maung Maung Soe anticipates that low-intensity clashes will continue in the area as long as the armed forces do not hold negotiations or dialogue.
Clashes took place in 'Ayn Mesbah neighborhood as well, where Israeli soldiers fired live ammunition and gas bombs.
Kalenjin elders led by their spokesman Joseph Baraza noted the clashes have raised fear of insecurity in the town.
However, the officials did not provide further details about the clashes and the Taliban also not commented over the attacks.
The forces responded by firing teargas shells, triggering intense clashes.
An official source told Sudan Tribune that security organs have sent military reinforcement to the headquarters of the locality in Baleela in prelude to deploy it in the area to prevent further clashes particularly as tribesmen from both sides have been mobilized in preparation for a potential battle.
WAFA correspondent said 16-year-old Mohammad Qahoush was seriously injured after he was struck with a live bullet in his head, during clashes which took place between youths and the Israeli army in the village of Nilin, to the west of Ramallah.
Some local residents who said they did not sustain any injuries thanks to they suddenly hid inside their homes when the clashes broke out.
He added that violent clashes broke out between the two sides, in which various kinds of weapons were used," without mentioning the size of the injuries resulting from the clashes ./ End
SAC had announced marches embarking from universities on Wednesday to coincide with the third anniversary of the 2011 Mohamed Mahmoud clashes, according to a statement by the group on Tuesday.
Both sides agreed to end clashes and to remove unofficial checkpoints and barricades from the Sana'a-Sa'ada road.
According to AP, the official said four soldiers were wounded in the clashes that continued for the second day Saturday after an earlier truce failed.
The report said that last night was the most violent since the beginning of armed clashes between Bab El-Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen, pointing out that the sound of missiles was heard all night until today's dawn.
These interferences and clashes can be automated and enforced for specific projects, becoming customised rules.
Two killed, 4 wounded in military clashes in Diala BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Security sources in Diala province said today that two of the security forces were killed this afternoon, while four were wounded with continued clashes between Iraqi military forces coming from Baghdad and Diala forces with armed groups along the road connecting between Baqouba and the capital, Baghdad.