clap (something) on(to) (something)

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clap (something) on(to) (something)

To attach something to another object or a surface. You can't just clap fliers onto the wall outside my classroom—that's what the bulletin boards are for!
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clap on

1. To put something, such as an article of clothing, on very quickly and forcefully. A noun or pronoun can be used between "clap" and "on." The man clapped on his hat and hurried out the door. The knight clapped on his armor and mounted his horse in preparation for battle.
2. To attach something to something else very quickly and forcefully. A noun or pronoun can be used between "clap" and "on." I clapped the lid back on the pot after the chef yelled at me for removing it.
3. To strike someone lightly but firmly with an open hand on a particular part of their body. A noun or pronoun is used between "clap" and "on." Everyone clapped me on the back to congratulate me for the victory.
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clap something on(to) something

to slap or attack something onto something else. The police came and clapped a sign onto the car saying it was abandoned. Do not clap any signs on my fence.
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"The reception has been fantastic - I think I was clapped onto every green for the first eight holes!" he said.
The team were clapped onto their tour bus, with favourite Mohamed Salah receiving the warmest welcome, as he smiled at the crowd.
An infinite number of devices can be clapped onto their wrists or tied onto their shoes to track their steps anytime they leave the house.
You get clapped onto the greens and tees and even the practice rounds are more exciting than some regular rounds on tour.
Zoe's showgirls were clapped onto the runway at times, and there wasn't a show-goer on the sidelines without a grin across their face.
Tradition has seen champions clapped onto the pitch in the past, with United having done so for Chelsea in 2005 and also Arsenal back in 1991 at Highbury.
Before she was completely hidden by the wings, a pair of hands clapped onto her shoulders and she twisted around in a flurry of skirts.
FAMILY MAN Ray Gravell and his two daughters were clapped onto the pitch at Stradey Park in August.
I get cheered and clapped onto every tee, which is fantastic.
He became almost certainly the first official to be clapped onto the pitch at a Highland League ground, so the Debenhams store manager duly turned and took a bow before running over totake up his role on the far side of the pitch.
The absence of Derek Fleming, Scott McLean, Stephen Craigan and David McCallum didn't help Thistle but despite being clapped onto the field by their opponents they failed to start the game well and were made to pay big time.
This month, Kayley got an ovation at Goodison Park as she was clapped onto the pitch by thousands of Blues fans.
Either way, it is most unlikely that the shareholder who announced at last month's AGM that he wanted Rooney clapped onto the pitch the next time he comes to Goodison is going to have his wish come true