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clamp down on (someone or something)

1. Literally, to press down on something firmly. When the dog's teeth clamped down on my leg, I'd never felt so much pain in my life. Now clamp down on this surface so that you don't lose your grip while drilling.
2. To limit, reduce, bring under tighter control. My parents really clamped down on me after seeing my report card, so my curfew is only 9 PM now. We really need to clamp down on spending before our department loses funding altogether. The cops are trying to clamp down on speeding on this stretch, so you should slow down.
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clamp (something) on(to) (something)

To attach something to another object or surface. First, you need to clamp that tool onto the table.
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clamp down (on someone or something)

to become strict with someone; to become strict about something. Because Bob's grades were getting worse, his parents clamped down on him. The police have clamped down on speeders in this town.
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clamp something on(to) something

 and clamp something on
to press or squeeze something onto something else. Clamp this board onto the workbench. Clear a place near the edge of the table, and then clamp on the meat grinder.
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put the clamps on someone or something

 and put the clamps on
Sl. to impede or block someone or something; to restrain or restrict someone. Fred had to put the clamps on Tony, who was rushing his work too much. Tony is getting a little anxious. Time to put on the clamps.
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clamp down on

Also, put the clamps on. Become stricter or more repressive; put a stop to. For example, The company was clamping down on expenses like business lunches, or It's time we put the clamps on polluters. [Mid-1900s]
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clamp down

1. To press down tightly on something: Clamp down the pipe securely before you try to drill a hole in it. I glued the strip of wood to the surface and clamped it down while it dried.
2. To prevent or regulate something with increased strictness: The cartel clamped down on oil production in order to raise prices.
3. To punish or repress someone or something with increased strictness: The government plans to clamp down on tax fraud with tough new laws. Crime began to increase, so the police started clamping down.
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put the clamps on someone/something

and put the clamps on
tv. to impede or block someone or something; to restrain or restrict someone. Fred had to put the clamps on Tony, who was rushing his work too much.
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put the clamps on

See also: clamp, on, put
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Just clamp the jig to your benchtop, hook up the air, lay the fixture on top, and throw the "switch" that turns on the air flow into the clamp.
The sliding clamp then serves to anchor special enzymes called polymerases to the DNA, ensuring efficient copying of the genetic material.
If the measurements aren't equal, shift the positions of the clamps.
The top clamp shows a significantly higher TE close to the edge.
Another feature is labelling on the top and bottom of each clamp which enables installers to distinguish between clamps and eliminate time wasted in identifying diameters.
Whenever you have a HMMWV in for services, make it a point to crawl under the truck and look at the tie rod end clamps.
Options: Accumulator-assisted injection; cavity-pressure transfer; Vario off-centered injection; convertible (horizontal/vertical) clamp and injection unit; various control expansion packages; electric drive for plastication.
Bar clamps have a clamping device built on a flat bar (usually steel).
A manual clamp may take slightly longer than an automatic clamp, but nonetheless, times will drop because there are no bar clamps to adjust.
In addition to its line of hydraulic mold clamps, Hilma Division of Carr Lane Roemheld is offering magnetic mold clamping systems by Rivi Magnetics.
Carver clamps come in five designs to cover a range of applications.
Some foundry procedures require hydraulic clamps to secure flask and table to form a rigid unit; others do not.
The intelligently designed SidePinch Clamp demonstrates optimal performance compared to standard pinch clamps and other more expensive components such as expensive stopcocks and valves.
1) clamps, forceps or surgical forceps, or accessories (1 Unit)
Included in its portfolio are a series of clamps, test products, diagnostic equipment, filtration, hydraulic accessories and valves.