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clamor against (something)

To object to something vocally or passionately. Many townspeople have clamored against this construction project because they feel it will greatly increase traffic through the town.
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clamor for (something)

To support or request something vocally or passionately. Many townspeople have clamored for this construction project because they like the idea of not having to drive 10 miles to the nearest grocery store. We decided to bring out the cake early because the kids were clamoring for it.
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clamor against someone or something

to raise a great outcry against someone or something. The protestors clamored against the mayor. The citizens clamored against the new taxes.
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clamor for someone or something

to raise a great outcry for someone or something. Everyone was clamoring for Mark. They just loved him. The children were clamoring for ice cream.
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Though there was something a little shameless in Nitsch's open theatricality--the brash, singular colors mashed on the walls, the religious paraphernalia, the clamoring sound track and props--there was also a kind of honesty and clarity of purpose at work, a true showman's broadness of expression.
With the rock fans clamoring for the ordination of Elvis, the African Anglicans mulling over whether to send missionaries to England, an Australian ex-bishop at the center of a sex abuse scandal, Episcopal Bishop John Spong preaching that everything in the church is so much clap-trap, and the Canadian church hierarchy agonizing over whether there's enough room on the head of the Anglican pin for both straights and gays, there's so much bedlam going on that no one seems to notice that thousands of confused Anglicans are looking for a new pew in which to pray.
"Commercial resellers have been clamoring to offer VAIO PCs to their end users.
Among those clamoring for demutualization will be baby boomer doctors and lawyers, who, as they near retirement, will want to realize a portion of their investment in specialty-line insurers.
These people--fundamentalists, feminists, housewives, and doctors--have long been clamoring for a uniting force.
The re-imposition of the three-year-old truck ban ordinance was revived as motorists and commuters have been clamoring for traffic-free city roads as trucks and similar huge vehicles have been causing traffic jams during rush hours.
Ghostly figures from the past and future appear to them in clamoring visions.
Our existing tenants are clamoring to renew their leases early in anticipation of rising rents.
"Users are clamoring for a graphics solution with excellent image quality and a complete modern feature set at a reasonable cost," said Tim Chambers, Vice President and General Manager of ST's Graphics Products Division.
implies, and what my bookshelves are still clamoring for, is two separate tomes: a personal rumination by James on a life informed by film in the mode of Geoffrey O'Brien's The Phantom Empire, and an exhaustive, anal-retentive reference book on the blaxploitation cycle in the mode of Alain Silver and Elizabeth Ward's Film Noir: An Encyclopedic Reference to the American Style.
The story opens when the legendary beauty is a marriageable 12-year-old, with suitors already clamoring for her hand, and relates her subsequent kidnapping by Theseus of Athens, then her passionless arranged marriage to Menelaus, which results in the birth of a daughter.
Large and small companies are clamoring to get a bite out of the New Jersey School Construction Corporation's $8.6 billion construction program already underway.
"The public has been clamoring for the City to be more visible in the rebuilding process, particularly since the mayor released his vision plan for Lower Manhattan," said Kent Barwick, president of the Municipal Art Society, which spearheaded Imagine New York.
"By creating an attractive new facility, the private sector is clamoring to attract more labor-intensive employees to the South Ward," noted Alfred Faiella, deputy mayor of Economic Development and Housing.